The 140 sq ft apartment

‘Microlofts’ aren’t a new thing, but they seem to be getting smaller.

Enter the ‘Nanosuite’.

UBC has announced they will will be building 140 square foot apartments for student housing.

That’s still bigger than living in a van, but not everyone seems enchanted with the idea.

Reaction was mixed.

“I think they’re pretty cool,” said international economics student Raj Singh, 19.

“They have many things that you might not get in campus residences, for example a private washroom. But I’m like a really messy person, so if I were to move in there, it would be a disaster.”

“They’re very small,” said economics student Chun Lok Tse, 18.

“It’s kind of strange to not have a table and a bed at the same time. I’ve seen the prices online, $675 a month. For not a lot more you can get a better room, which shares a kitchen with three other people. I’d much prefer those to these.”

His friend Kennedee Fung agreed.

“Where I’m from in Asia, houses are famous for being small,” she said.

“And this is even smaller than the ones we usually live in. So it’s kind of ridiculous.

“I really don’t like the idea that you have to pull down your bed every time you want to work or sleep, I think that is quite a hassle. Also there isn’t much storage space.

“Although you have a kitchen and a bathroom, as an international student, you have suitcases, and you wouldn’t know where to put them.”

Read the full article over at the Vancouver Sun.

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you canadian who believed Garth Turner gonna pay with biggest mistake in your life. no recovering from it. poor house for life. but you guy defend garth turner when you were warned.


You mean we “defrend” Garth. At least I did years ago but he deleted my post!!


We are not alone, part 2. Another lovely city, not so far south as Oz, with another housing bubble, differing from ours only in certain details. That’s an excellent bilingual moniker – “bust royale”! Richter is a resident of SF. “This Will Crush the Insane San Francisco & Silicon Valley Housing Bubble • Two treacherous forces, with impeccable timing.” February 25, 2016 by Wolf Richter “In the city of San Francisco, the median condo price is $1.11 million and the median house price is $1.25 million, up 72% and 88% respectively from the first quarter 2012. Median means, 50% of the units cost more, and 50% cost less. Which creates an absurd situation: only 11% of the households in San Francisco can afford to buy a median home, according to Paragon Real Estate’s report on “affordability.” In other Bay… Read more »


Now the government is gentrifying whole cities instead of just neighborhoods ,anything for a dollar.


We’re STILL studying the data….


And I tell you Canadian something. Rents going up soon. You decide what to so but you and family could be on streets soon. My cousin say rent have to go up 50% or they don’t want to rent. Just saying.


Don’t worry Christy going turn Vanterm into conds for gwai lo


7K party like you say. My cousin keep bringing money into Vancouver. Spillover affect. We will own Vancouva soon and then we own your blonde lady who can’t pay rent. We love Christy Clark.





Wow, those changes to the downpayment rules are making a big difference,they’re going to have to put a no vacancy sign up at the airport.

Best place on meth

Those sales are from 2 to 3 weeks ago.

If anything, they’re sales to people trying to beat the new downpayment rules.

Come to think of it, that was right around CNY as well which is a special money laundering holiday that goes back centuries.

Shut It Down Already

You’ve used the exact same justification every other time some change or other hasn’t triggered that elusive rush for the exits. You’re just not very good at this.


I’ve been dreading this kind of day. If we get down to a 5,500 inventory city WTF are we going to do?

Many Franks

Wait, I’ve seen this one. If the inventory goes below 5,500 then a bomb under the city goes off.


Vancouver Tourism Video / Ad 2013 Version:

Skytrain get a big mention for being most popular travel method and helping keep our air clean.


Come on, Pope, where’s that ban you promised?

Shut It Down Already

If space gets banned that represents about 10% of traffic and ad impressions…


This post should of been in the ‘get outta town’ thread but here it goes anyway. How many people living in Vancouver feel the way this
young lady feels living in Frisco area?


How flattered is our ego by the proposition that we are unique, and alone, by virtue of our being so outstanding. We in the Lower Mainland of BC are not alone! Only the details differ in the raging property market Down Under.

From Acting Man Pater Tenebrarum’s Commentary on the Economy and Markets:

Australia’s Housing Bubble: In the Grip of Insanity
February 24, 2016


when richmond secede from canada, who will get the airport? if the airport remains part of canada, does that mean that burkville properties are a bad investment?


It’s so obvious that Burkeville is the next big land assembly opportunity


what’s your reasoning behind that exactly? land assembled for what?


i was saying that kinda tongue in cheek. that said, you never know what the future brings. seems to me that the powers that be will ultimately find a better use for the land that is currently the site of a few hundred cabin dwellers


the city is already allowing coach houses in burkville. it has the advatage of being somewhat close to the skytrain station (5 – 15 minute walk).

but i think the fact that it is so close to the south runway limits possibilities. i assume their are severe height restrictions there.

Best place on meth

I love the smell of jumbo jets in the morning.

Ding Ling Ping Hu

But fatherland gets even closer, a paradise.


Yeah we going to change the name to gwai lo ville


Your leader say she will never let prices fall. Money come in from China. Billion people want move here. Don’t believe me? Look at prices. By summer, no detached house under $1 Million

you fool will see. you too dumb and follow people like Garth turner

My cousin and We coming by planeloads now.


yeh, bei the praneload… won dei yu wek up and ask wat wei think? luk, smell, sound sem as bak home and we pei so much. now no won wan tu visit. meibe wi sell tu more chinese and move tu Mars? 傻瓜理论

Bubble Tea

Bloodbath continues in Chinese stock market. Very soon, money will stop coming to Canada and flow back to China to cover the debts.
Stocks in China plummeted 6.4% on Thursday, snuffing out a recent rally in brutal fashion.
The benchmark Shanghai Composite slid lower throughout the day, bringing losses for this year to close to 23%.

cat in the hit

Loonie slid more than 23%? What da you feel about that?


Bears apparently feels just awesome since:
1 – They foresaw that and positioned their portfolios correctly to take full advantage of the decline and are now munching on those juicy US dividends and secured the capital gains.

2 – It will cause those dirty HAMs to think twice about buying a house here since people don’t buy assets in a depreciating currency. No wait, but depreciating currency makes our home cheaper in RMB terms. Oh but that’s ok cuz nobody buys expensive homes when the value aren’t going up and it’s been flat in RMB terms for 5 years. So positive for RE crash predictions.

Now, if only those dirty HAM flow would stop, everything will be great! Why isn’t the HAM $$$ flow stopping though in reality?? Well, it’s all those fing HAM’s fault.


Everything is hunky dory when they’re all rushing in (like they were in no brainer, cant miss stocks which are down 50% now). Problem is that this is largely a one way street. Vanc RE bid up to the stratosphere until no buyers. All this RE crowdfunding, shadow flipping BS is reminiscent of the ol’ dotcom days when people were paying retarded amounts for domain names and co’s that didnt even have a viable business.


“Bank of Canada deputy governor raises flag on rising household debt, but says system is ‘resilient’”, Financial Post

“The rising risks to heavily-indebted borrowers, those who have taken advantage of ultra-low interest rates following the 2008-09 recession, would be an economic collapse and a jump in unemployment, accompanied by a sudden and deep shock to the housing market — leaving many Canadians unable to meet their mortgage payments.”


Kind of like McDonald’s being concerned about people eating too many burgers.


It sounds like when parent explains to 10 years-old, why gambling isn’t good but in theory it’s still possible to win something. I think beside RE bubble we are experiencing a huge stupidity bubble on multiple levels but do not talk about it that much.


Speaking of corrupt, rich chinese…

A gambling Chinese government official, a fake kidnapping, a man named Stalker: two men sentenced in ‘bizarre’ case


“Regularly helps officials bring large sums out of China for gambling”, there you have it, audit our BCLottery casinos as they are basically laundering money for corrupt Chinese officials. I for one could do without them and the scourge they bring.


Former B.C. casino investigator calls suspicious transactions ‘shocking’

Oct 18, 2014

No one cared about these things two years ago… well, to be fair some people did. They were called xenophobes, racists, trolls, etc, etc.


“$300,000 was transferred by a Chinese government official for gambling”. The average wage for a Chinese government official is $20,000. Its sad that we turn a blind eye to the evil corrupt money that enters our country.

Best place on meth

It’s not “sad”, it’s an act of treason.

The greatest thing the French ever invented was the guillotine.


The Washington insiders who work to get Chinese deals approved

Best place on meth

He’s going to bomb those fuckers back to the stone age.

Shut It Down Already

So you’re a Trump supporter.


Bubble Tea

Go Trump go. Go Trump go.


Not exactly my cup of tea but once in a while something bold should take a place to clean up the garbage. Just look at the mess BC ended up being in with their short-sighted politics and endless love towards totalitarian, highly corrupted and retrograde regimes and their dirty money.

“Donald Trump is unstoppable. At least as far as the race to win the GOP nomination goes

Trump is utterly fearless. Punch him and he’ll punch you harder back. He’s confronted everyone and everything from China and ISIS to John McCain and the Pope – and done so with an unshakable verve and gusto which has had even his most bitter enemies shaking their heads in silent appreciation.”


TI: 8139


manadrin lessons for richmond city council?

Businessman hosts meeting to bridge Richmond’s language gap

“At city hall, all the meetings are held only in English, and I want to help people bring their issues to the local government.”

It’s incumbent upon city council and officials to communicate in a language the growing Chinese-speaking community understands, he added.


Mr Lui should just run for council so we can get rid of those gwai los.

Best place on meth

“There are simply too many people in the Chinese community who don’t speak English”. Really? Why don’t they bloody well learn to speak English? “It’s incumbent upon city council and officials to communicate in a language the growing Chinese-speaking community understands, he added.” No it’s not, asshole. Our official language is English – learn it or get the fuck out. “It’s too much to expect new immigrants from China to wait four of five years to learn English before they can start to actively engage with city council and local politics, added Liu ” Every other immigrant group in history has learned English, usually within 1 year. There must be something terribly wrong with this bunch that they can’t do so as well. Maybe we need to stop immigration from china altogether. “”There will be 10,000 Chinese moving into Richmond… Read more »

Many Franks

Say what you will about this happening to your own hometown, but it is thrilling to see it teeter ever higher.

Kitsilano home sells for $735,000 over asking price, sets new record

“For it to go over $4 million is remarkable. I had five offers,” Price tells Vancity Buzz. “These were local buyers just looking to make a shift who wanted to move into this area.”

“They were willing to sacrifice lot size to move into this area.”

Local buyers.

Bless Thomas Davidoff for succinctly stating the obvious:

“These prices are getting pretty freaking nuts in my opinion,” Thomas Davidoff with UBC’s Sauder School of Business tells Vancity Buzz.


But, but, but, I thought it was all HAM’s fault and dirty money that’s goosing the local RE??

Best place on meth

140 sqft is far too big, the students are still able to turn around completely in the space. They need to build living quarters that are more suited to caged egg laying hens.

I think the next logical step is for the amateur landlords near campus to offer ultra-low cost accommodations for foreign students, it’s been tried in other cities with great success.


Do you work for a bank? Hope your CEO is planning for a 10% raise after this story:

Starving Artist

10.4 billion deficit expected in Alberta. If Calgary crashes and burns (and by extension, probably the Okanagan) and Vancouver continues to levitate, that will certainly add fuel to the fire:


Hmmm…I wonder if the city is now looking at zoning regs and applications for capsule hotels. These are even more environmentally friendly than nano-suites, and the best part is the densification they provide is through the roof!