Burnaby Breakfast on Housing Affordability for 1st time buyers

A while back NDP MLA David Eby held an ‘emergency meeting‘ on the Vancouver housing crisis.  (Presumably called a ‘crisis’ because the 25-44 age group is leaving Vancouver faster than they are arriving.)

But you should not be under the impression that the BC Liberals are sitting back and doing nothing about the housing situation here.

Not only have they announced new real estate rules to address many of your concerns, the minister responsible for housing will be attending a Burnaby North Breakfast on Friday May 20th about housing affordability for young first time buyers.

Tickets are only $20 and all proceeds go to support the Burnaby North Riding Association. If you are unable to make it, there is a convenient link to make a direct donation on the bottom of that page and there’s nothing that says donations are limited to developers only.

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another unbiased opinion from Bill Good brought to you by Capital Direct (dot see eh)
http://www.news1130.com/audio/minute-with-bill-good/ (click on May 18)



could this hipster idiot be any more out to lunch?



Sounds like every Chinese hating bear on this forum….maybe it is even one of the warrior bears on here!!


3 Vancouver schools could close sooner than expected

“The playing fields around John Oliver Secondary School are popular with students. They’re also prime real estate.”

“The Vancouver School Board is considering subdividing and selling or leasing the land to keep the cash-strapped district afloat.”

>>> well, well, well…as it turns out this was all about RE opportunities, not a lack of funding for schools… how shocking….developers pulling ALL the strings in this city, no question about it


Well, I’m sure Christy Clarke stands ready to yank some funds if required to make this deal happen.

VanCity Guy

I thought the VSB had already started selling off their school’s playing fields
From the CBC:
(Caution: Satire)


Ross McLaughlin , CTV News did a piece the other day on condos without depreciation reports

can anyone here confirm which richmond complex they are referring to in this video?


a heads up for anyone that has been stuck in an aging, decaying multi-family unit (that you recently sunk a whole pile of cash in to reno) and still couldnt sell for the price YOU thought it was worth…well that has all changed. for $?&ts and giggles I strolled by this place…i know this area well http://www.realtylink.org/prop_search/Detail.cfm?MLS=R2068294 http://images.realtor.ca/listing/reb89/highres/4/r2068294_2.jpg?139 i know for a fact the exterior of the building is in borderline dire condition and was not fixed properly prior to them blasting new forest green paint over it last year (to cover everything up). there are also issues with drainage and work on the new fence/retaining wall came to a complete and abrupt halt last summer for no particular reason. the project remains unfinished. perhaps even more comical is the fact that the balconies on some units are supported with… Read more »

I\'m With Stupid

700k for a 40 year old townhouse in richmond.
Jokes on ?


asking 718800. they didnt even have to whip out the stainless steel appliances either (although it did have granite counters). i give it 3-5 yrs max before the entire bldg envelop has to be redone. but what the heck do i know, maybe suncom will engineer another deal to buy up the whole complex at double or triple current valuation and then flip it back to concord pacific, who will in turn knock everything down and change the entire seafair waterfront in the process???

Newcomer (N)

Yes, but at $500/sq ft it’s a real steal compared to luxury apartments in Manhattan.


correct. my bad…


“Canada’s riskiest borrowers are taking on more debt”, Metro news


“National debt levels are up by three per cent, and some are worried subprime Canadians are “driving the bus.””

““Low interest rates can mask a lot of bad things and I think that subprime is one of them,” Benjamin Tal said. Subprime in Canada is not even close to what it was in the U.S. in 2006, but it is growing, suggesting that people who should maybe not be in the market are in the market.””


“Roubini: Watch These Bubbles About to Pop”, Bloomberg video


“NYU Stern Business School Professor Nouriel Roubini discusses he risk of asset bubbles on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.” “


‘Top Signs of A Housing Bubble.”, City TV Video


“Rumours of a Vancouver housing bubble have persisted for years, but what does a housing bubble actually look like? Vice President and Portfolio Manager at Canaccord Genuity Bob Thompson takes a closer look at Vancouver’s red-hot housing market.”


“Smyth: Does Premier Clark really care about Vancouver’s hyper-inflated housing market?” Province


Shut It Down Already

Why should she care? The majority of voters don’t seem to. Probably because they’re homeowners or don’t live in Vancouver.


yes, because they are homeowners many of whom are in over their heads and dont want to wind up being the greatest fool. everyone loves the cash more than they hate how she goes about her business. barring horgan mailing out every local a free DP cheque of at least $50k, this election is already over


“Does Premier Clark really care”

She cares, a lot, because it’s the driver of BC’s consumer debt-driven economy. That’s why she’s doing everything she can to keep prices high.


VICE documentary of Vancouver:
“Surreal Estate: Inside Vancouver’s Skyrocketing Housing Market”


“Vancouver, BC is a town built on real estate. And for seven years running, it has also been ranked as the least affordable city in North America.”

LS in Arbutus

This is a really good read. The article is not dated, but refers to 2014 and 2015. http://torontolife.com/real-estate/how-private-lenders-and-debt-crazed-homebuyers-are-pushing-torontos-real-estate-market-to-the-brink/ Research by CIBC shows that eight per cent of all new mortgages in Ontario are non-prime. The Bank of Canada’s figures are more alarming: they suggest that roughly 35 per cent of all new mortgages issued by smaller banks—the ones the bank doesn’t consider “systemically important”—could be considered non-prime. As for private lenders, 100 per cent of their loans are non-prime, because that’s their business model: serving the borrowers that prime lenders won’t. By and large, these private mortgages are not insured against default because the borrowers make a substantial down payment. But down payments in this city are often not what they seem. According to a recent study by the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals, Canadians borrow more than $10… Read more »


To me there is not a lot of credit risk between lending $50K to a non-prime borrower making $30K/yr, or lend $800K to prime borrower making $120K/yr. Lending too much to creditworthy is not that much safer than lending a little to someone who has a spotty credit history.

Lance Romance

Goood morning. Would you like some Graft with your eggs?





@Royce McCutcheon – So you are saying all those janitors, cooks, plumbers, teachers, and yes doctors, etc stay and work in Manhattan because of all those culture, museums, etc? Really? How many average people actually goes to any of that stuff in any given year? Especially for the lower income wage people that can barely afford a closet in NY? Seriously? I really have trouble believing those in a dead-end or semi-dead end lower middle class jobs are staying in NY for any of the things you mentioned.


you can buy a 3 bedroom townhouse in New Jersey for 170k ….25 minutes from Times Square


But the Vancouver equivalent is too good for the locals I guess??


For sale: 13,000 sq.-ft. West Vancouver mansion with a yacht garage worthy of 007 — $23.8-million


– the current over/under for DOM is 3 and #millions over asking is 8.88

Lance Romance

It will be interesting to see which educational institution the student who buys this property attends.




Fed officials say 2-3 U.S. rate hikes possible this year


baloney. this is nothing more than jawboning and trickery to get market participants offside.


Surreal Estate: Inside Vancouver’s Skyrocketing Housing Market


Former B.C. government staffer charged in ethnic outreach scandal

Another corruption case which the BC government will have to “settle” before anyone who matters has to testify.


The BC Liberals have underestimated the degree of anger out there in voter-land with regards to the housing affordability issue in the lower mainland. They should stop listening to Bob Rennie and start paying attention to the majority of voters who are increasingly disenfranchised with regards to housing. My guess is that housing affordability (both rents and prices) will be their undoing in the next election. Even home owners are upset because they are being taxed to death and cannot sell for fear of not being able to buy anything else. Add in Christy’s salary top-up bribery “donations” and all their other scandals and I think they will be toast.


” Even home owners are upset because they are being taxed to death”

Of course they’re not, metro Vancouver has one of the lowest property tax regimes in N. America (and I mean tax paid for comparable properties not same market value) which is one of the primary reasons for the bubble.

Certainly there are some owners who think they are “taxed to death” but I can tell you these are the last people who are going to vote NDP.


“Even home owners are upset because they are being taxed to death”

are you speaking on behalf of entire home owners here? don’t think so.


Property taxes are set by the city, not the province. If anything, that anger will be taken out via municipal elections.

As for people being angry, well the ones who can’t buy or can’t move up maybe angry. But as soon as anyone put forward any policy that might drop prices by say 10%, you bet those angry homeowners will be up in arms about gov’t destroying their hard earned equity and not vote for them.


Only the municipal tax, which is about 1/2 the total in CoV, is set by the city. The school tax is set directly by the provincial government and Translink, which it controls, accounts for almost all of the rest.

But you’re quite right that people will blame the city. That’s the way the provincial government wants it.


CIBC releases mortgage application app for iPhone:


Because when you’re working three jobs to afford a mortgage, who has the time to go to a bank and apply for it in person?


for the not so tech saavy, they will gladly send someone to your home or office


The Kishor family has called the Okanagan home for 17 years .This family about to become homeless because of rental crunch


Combat Roach

Families first!

… but not Canadian’s and especially not the big ones with lots of children.


Again, are we running out of land or sky in Canada? Especially in Kelowna? The supply issue we have lies squarely at voters’ NIMBYism, and voting in politicians bought by RE developers.


So you prefer a socialist policy of rent control and the renter gets to decide what the owner can do with their property?


So you prefer a policy of rent control and the renter gets to decide what the owner can do with their property?


They had 17 years to buy a house. Given their family size, you could argue that its irresponsible not to buy a primary residence and put themselves at risk for such a situation. And now they expect landlords to offer below market rentals?


“Lessons from our low interest rate trap: Mayers”, The Toronto Star


“A generation of people who did all the right things by saving and delaying consumption are wondering where they went wrong.”

“One of the boldest examples of robbery in broad daylight has been the global deal by central banks to take money from the pockets of savers and give it to borrowers in the name of good economic policy.”


But hey, the ZIRP and NIRP also enabled massive financial engineering and goosed the stock market which made bears tons of $$$, so apparently it all evens out and is fine.

Oh wait, I forgot, bears made money in the stock market cuz they are good stock pickers & managers, not because of a ZIRP fuelled bull market.