Get a job.

Some people wonder how people make ends meet in a very expensive city with very low wages, but there’s plenty of economic opportunity beyond grow-ops, you just need take advantage of one our exceptional local specialties.

Of course you could go to the source of the money fountain and flip condos or become a realtor, but if you don’t have the time for a 6 week course here’s another opportunity: Condo Lineups.

If you can be the manikin who pretends to be very excited about a new local development you can earn $1800 in less than a week, that works out to about $15 an hour less expenses!

This tiny job posting speaks volumes about the Vancouver real estate market. Developers have convinced speculators that demand is so high, there’s enough room for the average person to make an extra few dollars flipping condos to regular folks. Now that regular folks aren’t fighting to buy pre-construction, this may be the first sign that speculative capital is drying up.

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[…] –David Dodge calls for higher rates –Things probably pretty bad –A ‘disorderly’ correction for Vancouver & Toronto –CIBC exposure to real estate correction –Co-housing lite –Data: 2008-2015 –BCREA: prices and sales to drop in 2017 – […]


Trudeau and the establishment know that this could be a gateway for a “Peoples” Party in Canada. People must fight for proportional representation to represent minority views. The Libs cannot get away with this.




“Toronto-area house prices rose by more than 20% in November”, CBC News


Good grief. Chinese millionaires, I guess.


“Calgary home sales drop 3% in November as new mortgage rules bite”, CBC News

“House sales in Calgary dipped by three per cent in November compared to the same time last year — after taking a hit from not just the economic downturn, but new federal mortgage lending rules, according to the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB).”


“Former Bank of Canada governor David Dodge calls for higher interest rates”, CBC News

“Former Bank of Canada governor David Dodge says the world economy might be better off if policy-makers bumped interest rates a little bit higher.”


“OECD: Expect A ‘Disorderly’ Housing Correction In Toronto And Vancouver”, Better Dwelling

“They definitely didn’t sugar coat the housing situation in Canada. The report explained that we should expect a “disorderly housing market correction.” They go on to say that this is due to the “notably over-valued Vancouver and Toronto markets,” which they estimate to be a third of the national market. They then went on to explain how it “threatens the financial stability” of Canada.”


“How tighter rules are pushing homebuyers toward riskier mortgages”, Canadian Business

“Would-be buyers are finding it ever more difficult to get a mortgage from mainstream financial institutions. Is greater regulation driving them into the shadows?”


saw an ad for this co the other day. naturally it is located right in broad daylight in the heart of richmond. the following policies outlined in the FAQ section…

“customers who elect the option of anonymity, only their iris scan will be on file with IPV so we would not be aware of the name of the renter.”

“Customers electing to remain anonymous must pay by cash only.”

and the promo video is pretty entertaining too

enjoy all!


That’s is a nice video.


Globe & Mail: Influential Chinese-Canadians paying to attend private fundraisers with Trudeau


Toronto-area house prices rose by more than 20% in November


I wonder how much they paid to place that one. The message was pretty clear, “nothing is going to change as long as you keep making payments,” but if you stop those payments, you are not going to like what happens. So just shut your mouth and pay the vig.


Community celebrations mark Evergreen Line opening

>>> I suppose Krusty will be there in person to sign autographs and take selfies…


How tighter rules are pushing homebuyers toward riskier mortgages


PBOC experiencing ….”the “impossible trinity” — a principle that dictates nations can’t sustain a fixed exchange rate, independent monetary policy, and open capital borders all at the same time.”

George Wu, who worked as a PBOC monetary policy official for 12 years. “Capital free flow may have to be abandoned in order to maintain a relatively stable currency….”


Read the article. These rich Chinese are holding them to reinstate the program.

Bpom might be onto sonething. Set up China #2 on west coast?


This is the problem with internet message boards these days:

Anyone on an IQ distribution curve can post. Furthermore, most that post say they know it all. Thus, you have situations like you have on this board.

First, go have your IQ tested. If not in the 10th percentile, then really think hard about how much you know.

For example, Reddit Vancouver users are primarily naive….but they THINK they are not. On some topics,they barely have any understanding but off they go typing.

Sounds harsh and mean but thats the truth.

Bear Vancouverite

This post is ironic in so many ways, you need some self awareness :P.

PS. being in the 10th percentile means you’re only smarter than 10% of people taking the test, and dumber than 90%… essentially you’d be dumber than a sack of rocks.


You’re right. I agree. That was a stupid post.

By the way, why didn’t Paul post numbers? 😛


“Royal Bank of Canada to increase fixed mortgage rates amid bond market sell-off”, The Telegram

“Royal Bank is hiking mortgage rates amid a combination of higher bond yields and recent federal mortgage rule changes that have made it pricier for banks to get access to cash.”


This is from Nov 15. Old news. Rates up since then. New rules also Nov 30.

Its Dec 2nd now.


“CIBC’s exposure to real estate correction is highest among Canada’s banks”, Toronto Star

“Analysts say CIBC’s portfolio of uninsured mortgage and home equity loans is 5.4 times its regulatory capital, which higher than last year and highest among the major banks.”


“Bond Market Slide Intensifies”, Wall Street Journal

“The worst bond rout in three years deepened Thursday, hammering debt issued in emerging markets and many U.S. states and cities, while sparing large companies the brunt of the impact.”


Meth! My friend.
Trump is going to appoint someone to Cabinet whose family in China owns a large shipping company. She will be the Secretary of Transportation.
Do you still think Trump is great?


Only a mentally challenged SJW would try to call out a Trump supporter when Trump actually does what the mentally challenged SJW predicted a Trump would never do. Try again.


Mentally challenged Single Jewish Woman? You are the weirdest antisemite ever. You should try to chill.


Chilled, sorry to say but you entirely missed my point. You shouldn’t try to defend Meth against claims you falsely imagine to be made against him. He wasn’t being “called out” and the issue doesn’t have to do with having a person of a certain ethnicity on staff. The issue has to to with corruption found in giving over the US (or Canadian) government to the international 1%, including those who may be under the control of the Chinese Communist Party.