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[…] –Lonely homes –Is rent higher in YVR or Toronto? –BC reviews homeowner grants –Best place on earth for free salt –Realty Check? –Sales fall, prices inch down – […]


CKNW reporting hordes of Vancouverites taking buckets to local beaches and taking sand.

LMAO. Haha Future of Vancouver right there.

Time to enact wealth taxes…if the sheeple wake up.


just what we need. tonnes of sand (mixed with all the grease) washed into CoV’s robust and state of the art sewer system

Combat roach

Welcome to China

Best place on meth

The “best place on earth” descends into third world barbaric shithole.


Bellingham Herald: Vancouver’s offer of free road salt creates a frenzy in B.C.


…and how about a little plastic surgery to go along with your plastic rice?

Suspected illegal basement cosmetic surgery clinic raided in Delta

“A poster written only in Chinese characters on the wall of the basement wall shows before and after photos of women and advertises a procedure to “combat aging” by improving skin firmness, lightening skin colour and increasing skin permeability.”

Best place on meth

Hey space, you want to mock me again for getting banned from RET?

What’s that, you can’t?


Housing wealth: The taxing issue of our time

One suggestion was to use a variation on property taxes that ties your tax burden to the equity you have in your home, not the market value (young people have little equity).

This is crazy. It would be yet another subsidy to indebtedness, like Christy’s property tax deferral and no-interest loans, but would be far greater in scope, punishing anyone who paid down their mortgage. People would end up carrying the highest possible mortgage debt indefinitely. The current MVA system used in BC (and Ontario) is perfectly fair and doesn’t need fixing.


One of the Scandinavian countries has a problem like this. I can’t remember the details, but the long and the short of it is that they carry big mortgages because there is a fiscal incentive to do so. Madness.


That’s a crazy solution to a non-existing problem.

If the goal is to help ” aren’t benefiting from soaring house prices and maybe never will”, then just raise property taxes and lower income taxes for the same amount. A non-working, mansion-owning guy will get shafted relative to a small-dwelling-owning worker. Personnaly, that’s something I can live with.

Taxing large empty houses while rewarding hard work seems like a winning proposition to me. I must be crazy.

Meep me

9.65 price reduction average Chipmans blog today


That is not a reduction. People please educate yourselves.

That is difference in new listed prices and new sold prices. It is not 9.65% off.

Its same as how people think taxes are going up because your property assessments went up.

Enough said.

Meep me

Average price reduction today on Chipmans blog 9.65% off

Whistler or bust?

A worthy topic for a new a thread


Abdul Lahazi

Rich Shaughnessy homeowners guilty of not shoveling their snow.
some residents questioned by Global News said they were simply “too busy.”
“Too busy” raiding the free salt?

Whistler or bust?

I did notice a disportionate number of Asians lining up for free salt in the videos.


More like all Asians from what I saw!!!

Best place on meth

How much is a bucket worth of salt at Home Depot anyway, a buck twenty five?

Cheap bastards even complain when FREE shit runs out.


maybe $0.20/lb max for road salt at big box stores and plenty available.

Time to go

Isn’t that just a reflection of demographics? I thought there was a lot of Chinese as well at first, until they showed a different firehall in another hood. Not trying to resurrect the ghost of Space, but there are a lot of Asians in Vancouver, so logic dictates there will be a lot at these gatherings. Just sayin…


you’re missing the point. the issue was how a supposedly organized and orderly situation turned into another disgusting grab-fest once that crowd of rats decided the heck with llning up and waiting your turn

Combat roach

Are they hiding in those gargantuan mansions? Bastards look scared and confused when confronted.

Disgusting, it make ones vomit on how deep our society went into a shitter.


they aren’t confused. is their standard strategy. “oh, i didn’t know! i’m so confused!!”

Best place on meth

Global clearly engineered that. Shame on them.


this story says so much about current state of affairs in Vanc

i’m pretty sure these owners simply dont give a $hit above all else and the range rover or mercedes g-wagon provides them with the most convenient solution. as if any family members actually walk from the front porch to the sidewalks anyway…


“Rising mortgage rates, lack of properties causing headaches for US home buyers” Global National

“Mortgage rates have risen sharply since Election Day, to an average 4.32 per cent on a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage last week. While still low by historical standards, that’s the highest since April 2014 and well above the year’s average of 3.65 per cent. The difference translates into an extra $1,852 a year in payments on a 30-year, fixed-rate loan for $400,000, for example.”


“Treasurys are getting smashed”, Business Insider


“Early selling has taken hold as risk assets across the globe rally on the first trading day of the new year. The weakness has run yields up as much as as 6 bps in the belly of the curve. “


“Worst debt rout since 1994 on the way, Harvard scholar predicts”, Globe & Mail

“If you thought you had already read the gloomiest possible prognosis for bonds, wait until you read this one.”

“Paul Schmelzing, a PhD candidate at Harvard University and a visiting scholar at the Bank of England, said if the latest bond-market bubble bursts, it will be worse than in 1994, when global government bonds suffered the biggest annual loss on record.”

Combat roach
Combat roach

Encouraging and motivating by endless creativity…

“Chinese investors tend to be nimble in finding ways around new rules, too. “It takes about a month before people find the next channel,” Ms. Stevenson-Yang said.”


So far people have found ways but there has been little punishment for breaking the rules. Now there is significant financial punishment which may make it not worth doing. If this doesn’t work the Chinese government will jump straight to firing squad which I bet will be effective.


in china the inmates are running the asylum. a significant % of HAM are relatives and offspring of wealthy oligarchs with ties to the govt. the whole operation skynet bs was an attempt to clamp down on those who broke away from the pack. putin has done the same thing in russia


Apparently the new voting system has already been hacked by Space?


Helped if I read the blog post I guess, no need to worry about Space:)


Shut down this useless blog, poope. You have made many people losing their opportunities to own homes, and now have become renters for the rest of their lives like yourself. How do you sleep at night? Vhb made the right choice. Do the right thing!

Best place on meth

What a 24 hours it’s been on VCI.

Old voting system restored, old voting system promptly hacked by space, space FINALLY banned.

Thank god, it’s going to be a great 2017 all around.

I can’t be sure how real estate will go but I predict 87% less petty arguing on this blog thanks to this ban.


Happy New Year All

Interest rates – let’s see if the dip in yields is for real or just some back and fill…I suspect the latter

Inventory – well, I am still waiting for a surge in listing. Keep expecting it. But to Oracles credit, it hasn’t arrived. On this, he has been more on the mark than I – hats off

Let’s see what the coming weeks and months bring. Can’t say it’s been boring

Still expecting big price drops

But I’m biased for sure

It’s about time the bear roars this is ridiculous


Only in a society gone completely batshit crazy could one be eligible for something called a ‘grant’ when one lives in something worth millions of dollars.


Do away with this tax reduction completely.


It is the very essence of pork barrel politics. It’s also telling. If property owners are doing so well, why would $500 here or there be enough to sway their votes?


whether its $500 or the cost of a couple bags of salt, Vanc homeowners will be there in droves if there is a deal to be had