the $200 margin of error

This is hard to believe, but apparently more than half of all Canadians are just $200 away from not being able to pay their bills.

“With such a small amount of wiggle room, any kind of unanticipated hardship, such as a job loss or even a car repair, could send an already struggling family into financial despair,” said Grant Bazian, president of MNP’s personal insolvency practice, which is one of the largest in Canada.

For 10 per cent of Canadians, the margin of error when it comes to household finances is even thinner, at $100 or less.

But those with anything at all left at the end of the month were in better shape than many: A whopping 31 per cent of respondents said they already don’t make enough to meet all their financial obligations.

Then there’s this little detail:

Another hair-raising finding from the survey: Roughly 60 per cent said they don’t have a firm grasp of how interest rates affect debt repayments.

The statistic helps explain why many indebted Canadians end up taking on more debt and high-cost loans, said Bazian. “That’s how so many end up in an endless cycle of debt,” he noted.

Shouldn’t be a problem, interest rates are low forever now aren’t they?

Read the full article over at Global News.

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Patiently Waiting

Look at the areas with high housing costs and how they voted. The Liberals couldn’t defend themselves on this issue. It was too late.


Well I was wrong. I did not foresee an outcome where the NDP lost seats to the Greens on the Island, but won even more seats from the Liberals in metro Vancouver.

But I’ve never been so happy to be wrong. If the results hold up, Christy will be be Queen no longer, whether or not she remains as premier.


Absentee ballots gonna give Christy the majority. (Comox riding)

Sigh. The powers that be will make sure of that.

What could have been:

1) 30% FBT, Loopholes closed, 2% property tax for foreigners. Real estate values down by 33%….at least.

2) Porportional representation.


I’m not so sure about that. I reviewed the Elections BC results in detail for the 2013 election in the Comox Valley riding (granted the borders are slightly changed), but the NDP actually won the absentee votes by a fairly significant margin.

I wouldn’t count Clark out, but I also wouldn’t be so bold as to predict that the absentee ballots would give her the majority in that riding.

Happy Planet

Called it;

“BC Lib minority with Greens holding balance of power.
More bike lanes, composting, farmers markets and…. home equity growth!
The world is unfolding as it should.”

Happy Planet

Soon all of BC will be Moonbeam land. A green eco-friendly tourist resort with the highest home prices in the world.

Patiently Waiting

Remember what I said about Richmond? 🙂

Best place on meth

Polls nailed it this time.

Currently 42-42-3 and a minority government is looking likely.

We might not know the final results for 2 weeks when absentee ballots are counted.


Now the real estate market gets fun. I don’t see this election adding any confidence.


**** advanced voting results not yet counted in a number of ridings. no clue why….1000’s of votes still unaccounted for, so this may not end in a tie. all involved better insure that proper security is in place to ensure Krusty doesn’t pull a fast one “in the dead of night” or take a page out of George w’s playbook when counting absentee ballots in the coming days


In the case of a tie, she still gets to try and form a Government – then if she loses the confidence of the House it’s up to the G-G to ask someone else – presumably Horgan – to see if he can put together a working coalition….


Are you sure some advanced polls haven’t been counted? Could be somebody mistaking those for absentee ballets. I think it’s too early to call the election and it’s going to take a couple weeks to get the counts done.


that was as of last night, maybe midnight or so when things were sitting at 42-42-3. i see krusty picked up a seat somehow since then

we are gonna find out in short order how crooked this whole system really is. all she needs is for one but pref two of these results to be magically overturned and life goes on as is…

in the meantime, no further comments or avatar changes


44-40, lobs win((




43-41-3…..judicial recounts coming up…..


3 bed apartment. Sold yesterday for > $1 mil. 13 offers. Asking $868k. Amazing.

Shut It Down Already

Asking price was under $700/ft when just about everything is selling for $1000+. When 3 bedrooms are hard enough to find as it is, this was clearly priced to engineer a bidding war. Success?

Combat roach

Let’s see…

Obama: ‘You get the politicians you deserve’

Best place on meth

What on earth did Americans do to deserve Obama?


I voted None of the Above in a riding 4 hours away. Apparently it takes about 2 weeks for that vote to get counted. I’m in a swing riding so it could come down to waiting it out. 🙂

Oracle Sockpuppet Doppelganger III

Fucking your ballot has zero impact. Ballot counters roll their eyes and keep going. Enjoy that petty revenge, though. By all means.


Price Change


We list and sell a lot of real estate on the North Shore & Vancouver. I’ve always appreciated the support of the VCI community. If you know of anyone thinking of buying or selling don’t forget us! TY Paul


AdvantageBC target of New York Times lawsuit alleging ‘secretive’ tax-incentive programs

>>> imho this was created solely for the purpose of attracting more HAM, the people behind it along with friends family and associates (on the most lenient terms possible) to BC at the expense of Joe Taxpayer. my question is whether or not any of the actual details will see the light of day in either a timely (or not so timely) fashion or was it all triple deleted a long time ago?

Just me

of course it is all about Chinese money. That is where the big money is these days. the question is: are we attracting legitimate money, generating jobs for local people and creating wealth for all? Or are we simply acting as a piggy bank for illicit money looking for a safe harbor?
I think that the lack of transparency suggests we are simply harboring money for criminals and dodgy businesses. That is the BC Libs style of policy: invite money, no questions asked.


‘Civil conspiracy’ alleged in Vancouver mortgage fraud case

>>> take notes…there is a quiz to follow

Combat roach

An excellent narrative about how voracious locusts in conjunction with local scumbags destroyed one ordinary western city.

Best place on meth

I despise the chinese even more than my grandparents despised the Germans.

If Corrupt Cunt wins tonight my level of contempt will escalate to Defcon 3.

Abdul Lahazi

“They don’t work,” David Dai, founder of a supercar driving club whose members are 90 percent Chinese nationals, told the Times. “They just spend their parents’ money.” Adds Shi Yi, the owner of a supercar dealership, “In Vancouver, there are lots of kids of corrupt Chinese officials. Here, they can flaunt their money.” Yup.

Just me

Christy Clark will tell you that it is good for the economy and we should embrace them.


Thank you to all the politicians at all levels of government for destroying a once livable city, turning it into a city of China for the rich locusts to laundered their corrupt money!


Not too long ago, this is called treason for selling out your country to another.

Best place on meth

Bring back the death penalty for corrupt politicians.

Life in prison for murderers is sufficient.


$554K price tag to replace iconic tree at top of condo building

“Strata documents obtained by CTV show the owners of the building’s condos have no choice in the matter. The city’s building permit was contingent on having a rooftop tree, so owners will have to pay about $35,000 per unit for its replacement.”

Abdul Lahazi

They should install a fake tree. It’s so high up no one could tell if it’s real or not.


National Gallery of Canada receives one of the largest gifts of contemporary art ever from businessman and art collector Bob Rennie—contemporary-art-gallery-space-named-in-honour-of-donor-621750593.html


Rennie got a $12,000,000 tax credit for donating that junk…?

Wow, he’s even smarter than I thought!!!!


Abdul Lahazi

Hey ,the “system” really does work !


NEWS 1130 – We asked Christy Clark, John Horgan and Andrew Weaver a few questions that offered a different insight into the Premier hopefuls…


If You Could Have Any Superpower What Would It Be?
Clark: “Invisibility. You can go places and nobody knows you’re there. You can get on planes for free!”

Plane, Train, Automobile or Boat?:
Clark: “Boat. 100 per cent boat. I love boating!”

Ideal spot for a vacation in BC?
Clark: Gulf Islands >again, as long as there is a private dock or a runway, she’s there in a heartbeat…>


Christy is telling you something here. BC Capitalists operate from their estates and boats in the Gulf Islands. The problem is that Horgans guys operate the boats, fuel the boats, tie up the boats, work in the gulf restaurants… catch my drift? Christy’s gang needs cheap labour, or they are finished.


I just laughed when I saw this…just when you think the Vanc Sun can’t sink to another low, they manage to find a way

Innovation in B.C.: Apps, websites and messaging systems speed up real estate transactions


the link has merit. Technology in play, leading to higher velocity dealmaking which spurs price gains. Not much different than the use of technology by the mortgage boilerooms. Where would they be without a phone and APPs? answer: lower RE prices. .. or prices not rising as fast.


NDP candidate targeted by hateful flyers in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows

>>> it’s funny that no one follows up on this BS when certain folks are pulling the strings. had this been the other way around surely the RCMP would have been dispatched within hours and new attack ads produced

Abdul Lahazi

The idiots are at it again:
Can I bring my 2007 Toyota Corolla? Oh, right, I am just a regular Joe with a real job and paying taxes to support these clowns.

Shut It Down Already

How are you supporting them financially?

Shut It Down Already

What on earth are you on about this time? I’d imagine some of these people pay way more tax than either of you. They’re supporting you!

Does that give them free reign to speed on our highways? No, of course it doesn’t. But to say you’re “supporting” then? Come off it.


up until recently we were footing the bill to replace their busted up supercars…just sayin’…

Combat roach

“They’re supporting you!”

You are perfect Freud’s material. Your servile obsession with locusts and their wealth, power, and significance is just unexcelled.

Shut It Down Already

That’s your counter argument?

I’m not the one who is obsessed. Why not find another topic to post about – may I suggest real estate?


Home Capital to sell $1.5B worth of mortgages to mystery buyer
Savings account deposits down to $146M as of Monday, lender reveals


only an idiot would buy shares in this as the least bad portions are sold off on cushy terms (or maybe not as the news release suggests) and the toxic waste left behind for original shareholders to suck on. after seeing what the co did with HOOPP, I have no doubt today’s news is also of the fishy and convoluted variety. since this sounds like nothing more than a letter of intent, there is no way of knowing if this small act of good faith actually materializes or if it is nothing more than a ploy for certain interested parties to dump shares at slightly higher prices only to have the buyer walk away after the fact…

Abdul Lahazi

HCG up 25% today. Buy on rumour and sell on fact.


short covering, bottom fishing and likely window dressing for upcoming meeting…surely some jim cramer-bear stearns-esque analyst touts are coming in the next few days too.

endgame will ultimately be bad news for hopium fueled investors. no credible institution will do business with them going forward, HISA deposits will drop to zero leaving HCG with no choice but to obtain even more credit and/or resort to selling off remaining usable body parts for pennies on the dollar.


How Homeownership Became the Engine of American Inequality
As it has in Canada. Canada doesn’t have deductibility of interest payments on principal residences, but it has a blanket exemption on capital gains for them, which the US doesn’t have.


Failed flip from last year? :
281 N Howard Avenue, Burnaby
Oct 17:$6,888,000
May 8: $5,188,000
Change: – 1,700,000 -25%
Assessment: $5,112,100

Just me

Wylie said foreign-student numbers are set to grow dramatically in Canada since the federal government recently became one of the few in the world to make an “integrated offer” to international students.

The integrated welcome to foreign students promises them the chance to work during their time in school and for three years after they graduate, as well as apply for citizenship.

The B.C. Council on Admissions and Transfers reports that two of three foreign students in the province hope to stay in Canada.

Oracle does nit seem so crazy after reading this study by a UBC prof? Is this prof a closet racist, or is university becoming just a form of immigration for the rich and privileged from China and other countries?


“is university becoming just a form of immigration for the rich and privileged from China and other countries?”
Yes, just like every other mainstream organisation. If you need to ask, you haven’t spent much time recently at UBC. Our universities were early and uncritical adopters of, and are now avid propagandists for, political correctness. They discovered the private sector and corporate money in the 1980’s. This is a potent combination that explains most of what they are and do today. Their perspective is (neo)-Liberal and globalist.


” Their perspective is (neo)-Liberal and globalist. ”

But you said two sentences earlier that they are “avid propagandists for, political correctness”, which is a term used by right wingers to insult left wingers. Are you trying to say something coherent, or just stringing buzz words together?


Pardon my use of the slang term of “p.c.”; no insult was intended to any wing or anyone; instead read “social justice issues” or “human rights issues”. Social justice/human rights advocacy is used to preclude criticism of pro-immigration policies advocated by globalists, and the neo-Liberal agenda. To “wing it”, if you will, it is a clever use of an apparent “left wing” position to promote a “right wine” cause.

Joe Future

Neo-liberal globalists and left wing social justice PC’ers are now becoming allies against the populist nationalist protectionists.

A new political paradigm is emerging.


I believe that political paradigm first emerged with “3rd way” Blairite Labour, and is in full flower with Clintonite Democrats. The “Left” concentrated on identity politics, while the “Right” deindustrialised the West as part of their effort to “trickle up” wealth to the 1%.


True, especially the last line. They are full of hopes and wishes, to obtain employement in Ottawa or the UN, and fill spare time on Social media websites. Never to work in real occupations, producing real goods, or essential services.

Best place on meth

“B.C. currently hosts 130,000 international students, compared to 90,000 in 2010, said Wylie, citing the B.C. Council for International Education. Four out of five are housed in Metro Vancouver. Two of five now come from China.”

That’s 100,000 foreign student who need housing in metro Vancouver, which puts a lot of pressure on the rental and real estate markets.

It’s not just local students that are getting squeezed out.


We have to get our immigrants from somewhere. University educated young adults, who speak English, are partially educated here and have worked here for a few years seem to be a pretty good immigrant class to me. Very different from a middle aged immigrant who comes here wealthy and have no intention of working, starting a business, learning English or assimilating. As well we only need so many Filipino nannies and elderly South Asians.

Combat roach

Shit, sounds like new China in making. Monolithic society of privileged cyborgs.


I think YVR is right, young immigrants that want to learn the language and employable skills and go out into our workforce are the top of the heap in terms of what immigrants we should want. There’s two problems with that though.

1. Housing is becoming near impossible for Canadian students to afford. Universities should do more to set aside affordable housing for Canadians, otherwise we’ll risk all the best paying jobs going to wealthy immigrants because we can’t afford to get an education.

2. In the coming recession, most foreign students will likely go back to their own country, or the USA where job prospects are better. Brain drain is going to be a real issue for Canada. Canadian students have more incentive to stay here, thus should be pushed to the front of the queue for admission.


these “for profit” colleges and universities are essentially operating as immigrant toll booths. perhaps the bigger issue is that many non chinese speaking folks won’t get a job here anyway regardless of whether they have a degree or not.

Shut It Down Already

Is he a closet racist? Well, I don’t see him flingingout our racial slurs, calling for the annihilation of a country, or blindly supporting those who do. He also presents some verifiable facts.

So you’re delusional if you think your opinions are even in the same ballpark as his analysis and that you’re somehow being treated unfairly.