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[…] Oracle had the following wish list: […]


If the NDP and Greens put a PR referendum as a ballot in the next municipal election, it will be the end of the BC economy. It will be the NDP 90s forever. We’ll be held hostage by the vocal minority and in BC, those people are crazy. What a disgusting abuse of power on Day 1 of their agreement.


and so it begins…

Delta Mayor ‘concerned’ bridge to replace George Massey tunnel won’t move forward


btw, this NDP / Green coalition sure got a lot of talk going around the office now. All the talk among Chinese are about this. Not a lot of happy faces. Many are worried about higher taxes and prices, lower wages going forward. $10/day daycare seem to be happy news to a few young moms, but most are more worried about school strikes and even worse public education. A lot of seriously thinking about private school, except they can’t afford it with the new taxes. But there are a couple happy ones. Those ultra-rich Asian girls, they are hoping for some quick price declines to they can buy more condo presales to flip. I told them NDP will have speculator taxes but they aren’t worried cuz that would be years down the road and NDP will likely be gone by… Read more »

Combat roach

Your life must be awesome when you think a mental hospital is your office.


hey space, why all the sad faces? is it because all those illegal day cares will have to be licenced to qualify? is it because many landlords will now have to pay off their tenants under the table to prevent them from claiming the renter tax credit and thereby outing their landlords who aren’t declaring the income? is it because the feds (not the bc ndp) who will be implementing a flipping tax? is it because the swarms of buyers who descended upon the white rocks and tsawwassens of the world won’t get their 10 lane expressway? is it because many RE speculators will also get “Jing Li”-d some time before their current real estate purchases actually CLOSE? is it because any one or a combination of measures that Eby is proposing will expose certain tax evaders? these are the… Read more »


Hahaha. Having a bad day?

We will finally fix this mess. And we will. HAM will have to start paying taxes.


A pittance compared to the taxes you an I will have to pay to support the two morons that will be running the show.


Love the enthusiasm here about the returning to the dark days of BC. Love it. Can’t believe the biggest Donald Trump supporter BPOM would be cheering for NDP, about as far away from Donald as you can get. Maybe people think it will be like green shoots coming out of top of a pile of manure and will sprout forth a new alternative Green party that will rule the province?

Anyways, love it, just love the energy here. Can’t wait to see what happens next year.


Hahaha. You can always leave. Emigrate to maybe China?


space is having a hard enough time finding a girlfriend here. i previously thought thailand might be more his speed, but HAM has bought all that up too


B.C. NDP, Greens, to announce details of minority deal http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/b-c-ndp-greens-to-announce-details-of-minority-deal-1.4137514 Political scientist Hamish Telford said Clark must either concede defeat or be defeated in the legislature. He expects she will choose a vote over a speedy concession. >>> if she sticks around things will get messy, but she has plenty of first hand experience when it comes to back alley brawls. she and her peeps obviously have a vested interest in staying in power and have proven time and time again that they will resort to every trick in the book to do so. i suspect she still has a card or two left to play including the not so gentle arm twisting of some ndp members to cross the floor. if such a outcome were to occur, i’d expect the next liberal administration to party like the world is… Read more »


I think Clark should make a throne speech and outline what she wants to do for the next year of government and see what happens. Let the Greens and NDP shoot her vision down but at least people know what got voted down. I also think she should also try to split the NDP and Greens, not because it’s politically smart, but because voters should know what their MLAs stand for and support. Small chance she can pull something off, but not likely. I don’t see any ridings or obvious MLAs that the Liberals could split or steal.

Abdul Lahazi

Victoria rental crisis has students dropping out, sleeping in cars:
“I want to finish my degree and I want to get out there into the world and start my career, but you have to put your mental health first sometimes, and it’s ridiculous that this is the reason I’m not coming back,” she said.
Thanks Christy.


Too many foreign students and 10 year visas being handed out.

All Trudeau fault.

Only an uprising can stop this.


“Michael Hudson on the Vancouver Real Estate Crisis”, BCGEU TV


“Michael Hudson is President of The Institute for the Study of Long-Term Economic Trends (ISLET), former Wall Street economist turned critic, Distinguished Research Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri, Kansas City and author of J is for Junk Economics (2017), Killing the Host (2015), The Bubble and Beyond (2012), amongst many others.”


FaceIt! those slow moving outer planets get your Finance mojo everytime… booya


Horgan and Weaver Have a Tough Job Ahead.

If they do all the things Eby talked about, real estate prices will definitely come down. The problem is, Krispy has painted our economy into a corner where it is very RE dependent. Lower prices mean lost jobs in construction and related industries. Also, as others have pointed out, lower tax revenues. There are many benefits to lower prices but they may not be self-evident to the 70% who own. Especially people who bought in the last 3 years.

The Krispy alternative, letting prices run amok until a 1 bedroom condo is $4 m, is not an alternative. Still, doing the right thing is going to be very painful and politically unpopular with many.

Whistler or Bust?

If the NDP and Greens do 1/2 of what they promised on Real Estate speculation and money laundering it will kill Vancouver RE prices. I just hope if we are going to have to take the pain of all the other things they bring, they will actually follow through on it and not water it down.


so, is the announcement of a BC coalition govt, with Kristy McMortgage Out… is it the forerunner of the backslide? the last thong strap that breaks the HK camels toe? The goo MLA’ converge in Victoria tomorow for an historic witness to the Skye falling…


Vancouver prices are artificially inflated by corrupt practices. China trying to stop illegal outflows but were thwarted by BC Liberals. Now the new government will help China stop this illegal activity.

The prices were artificially inflated….hope you didn’t buy into notion that prices were….


if you refi’d, you know, Personally Refinanced a mortgage,ie.withdraw the money out of the house as though it were an ATM ….and what remain is a higher mortgage balance…..

… then You are part of the problem. As is everyone elseon this forum who did this.

You are damaged goods.

No amount of scapegoating will protect you.


riddle me this

Toronto home prices explode the last three months before HCG coughs a frog, and now the market is in reverse.

Same thing goin on in HK. But what will be HK’s HCG trigger?

Best place on meth

R.I.P. Fat Bastard and one-man Natural Gas Developer


You’re about to be replaced by an actual human being and you will no longer have to listen to the “whining” of people who can’t afford a place to live.

Best place on meth

A message from the Honourable David Eby, Minister of Natural Gas Development & Minister Responsible for Housing (minus the natural gas bullshit) Breaking news Today, at 2:00 p.m., John Horgan, leader of the BC NDP, and Andrew Weaver, leader of the BC Green Party, announced that they had signed an agreement in principle to establish a new government in British Columbia. Today’s announcement marks the potential for transformative positive change for everyone in our province. Tomorrow all of my colleagues (BC NDP MLAs-elect) and I will be travelling to Victoria to review, discuss and ratify the proposed agreement with Andrew Weaver and the Green Party. We will do so with a sense of the historic opportunity that this agreement represents. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to prepare to work together with my colleagues and the Green caucus to… Read more »

Best place on meth

David Eby, a name you’ll be hearing a lot more of from now on.

Thank god for that.


Next Housing Minister


Greens + NDP agreement will throw shock waves through the BC economy. I doubt they will need any new housing measures for this bubble to pop now. Lets see if they can maintain this agreement long enough for a full on crash. The BC economy is going through a lot of pain if they can.


Prices are artificially inflated by 40-50% with foreign money speculation. This money needs to be taxed. And its injection into housing limited.

And i expect our democratically elected government to make this happen.


Price Change



Combat roach

While pre-sales for a variety of homes were up, according to the report, anyone moving to the region today or in need of a new home soon will have a hard time finding a place to live.

Steve Saretsky says the Lower Mainland needs to look at what those demand factors are, such as speculators with the ability to buy multiple condos. “Trying to keep up with that sort of demand is going to be impossible.”


Shut It Down Already

They seem to imply that pre-sales aren’t speculation…


30% FBT paid in advance on presales sold to non-residents.


“They aren’t going to undermine all the real estate development taxes flowing into their coffers.”

Don’t forget we are banning corporate donations to political parties. So feel free to screw all the developers over NDP!

Bear Vancouverite

Congrats to all NDP voters. A minority government will have a lot of problems, but I hope they manage to push through some of the needed changes to help reign in housing.

Let’s hope this is the start of more housing affordability, and remember to write in to David Eby and let him know you expect him to fight for those things he has mentioned, such as the speculator tax.


They should just apply the Green housing platform. Prices would drop 33% overnight. People who bought within last 3 years can still make their mortgage payments so economy will keep on ticking. If they have to sell at a loss, many willing to buy as well.


NDP & Green Party housing platforms aggressively target money laundering and tax cheats
Happy Days are back in BC!


The last half decade is an anomaly in RE prices as foreign money distorted everything. It was a fake economy.

Take that out and who is going to buy the $3 million dollar Vancouver home? This will have a ripple effect all the way into the suburbs.

But they should have a plan for those that bought at the top; maybe a special 50 year mortgage for them?


Funny how the bulls are coming out from ‘hiding’ on this site.

And they blamed me for being a bull.

Let’s see who complains the loudest (already started) when housing policies are revealed.


good for chuckle…naturally the first thing one thinks of when watching race cars flying by (and sometimes blowing up in spectacular fashion) is buying a home

Late sponsorship of Takuma Sato pays off for mortgage broker with Indy 500 win

Abdul Lahazi

So some Asians can drive.


We have a NDP-Green Gov.!! Now we need to implement all the housing platforms ASAP: 1) 30% FBT Province wide. Absolutely No Loopholes. 2) Tax 2nd homes of Citizens an annual property surcharge of 2% with rental offset. 3rd and more homes tax surcharge of 5%. 3) Tax homes of non taxpaying non residents 2%. Tax 2nd homes at 5%. 4) Limit foreign student at any institution to 15% maximum to ease rental crisis. 5) Inteoduce rental tax credit to out tax Evading Landords. 6) Pressure Federal government to limit 10 year tourist visas stays to a max of 3 months per year. 7) introduce extended mortgage amortization periods for those owners who will go underwater with the above changes. This charade has gone on long enough. Contact your government offices and let’s get this done. Take back your BC.… Read more »

Whistler or Bust?

Now I understand why you are so excited. You think all this is going to happen.


This will be interesting now. Christy can do one of two things now: 1) Resign and go out with SOME shred of dignity (not saying she has much, but at least I’d give her credit for doing the right thing) 2) Make British Columbians’ and the Lt. Governor’s life a living hell for the next few months. I could see her remaining premier and delaying the return of the legislature. Introducing a throne speech and dragging out debate on it for longer, and then finally being defeated in a vote. Then she would go to the Lt. Governor and ask for a new election. In scenario #2 I don’t know a couple of key things. 1) How long before she has to convene the legislature. I understand her government’s current interim supply runs out Sep 30th, but I heard somewhere… Read more »