What does a Green / NDP government mean for house prices in Vancouver BC?

The Green Party and NDP have announced an intention to form the government of BC and they have some different approaches to the real estate economy than the BC Liberals.

So what does the future look like to you? Will the new government implement some of their more dramatic policy changes and what does this mean for the Vancouver Housing Bubble and the wider BC real estate economy?

Oracle had the following wish list:

1) 30% FBT Province wide. Absolutely No Loopholes.

2) Tax 2nd homes of Citizens an annual property surcharge of 2% with rental offset. 3rd and more homes tax surcharge of 5%.

3) Tax homes of non taxpaying non residents 2%. Tax 2nd homes at 5%.

4) Limit foreign student at any institution to 15% maximum to ease rental crisis.

5) Inteoduce rental tax credit to out tax Evading Landords.

6) Pressure Federal government to limit 10 year tourist visas stays to a max of 3 months per year.

7) introduce extended mortgage amortization periods for those owners who will go underwater with the above changes.

Markoz points out this shift might not be painless for anyone:

Horgan and Weaver Have a Tough Job Ahead.

If they do all the things Eby talked about, real estate prices will definitely come down. The problem is, Krispy has painted our economy into a corner where it is very RE dependent. Lower prices mean lost jobs in construction and related industries. Also, as others have pointed out, lower tax revenues. There are many benefits to lower prices but they may not be self-evident to the 70% who own. Especially people who bought in the last 3 years.

The Krispy alternative, letting prices run amok until a 1 bedroom condo is $4 m, is not an alternative. Still, doing the right thing is going to be very painful and politically unpopular with many.

Dave wonders what’s next for Christy:

I think Clark should make a throne speech and outline what she wants to do for the next year of government and see what happens. Let the Greens and NDP shoot her vision down but at least people know what got voted down. I also think she should also try to split the NDP and Greens, not because it’s politically smart, but because voters should know what their MLAs stand for and support. Small chance she can pull something off, but not likely. I don’t see any ridings or obvious MLAs that the Liberals could split or steal.

Let us know your thoughts on the future of the BC economy and real estate prices in the comments below!

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I am sorry I just set up a short strategy against Canada market until 2019 because Canada economy is shaken. It is time for all level gov and voters to pay for errors made in last 10 years. No lesson no grow up.

Whistler or Bust?


Yes a $4.75 Million for a true mansion 15 minutes from downtown that does give me sticker shock.

Another reminder as to how truly absurd Vancouver real estate has become.

Best place on meth

The only reason a house like that only goes for $6 million CAD is because chinese money launderers don’t want to live in Chicago, because they HATE blacks.

For the same price in Vancouver you get this incredible, above average home.


Best place on meth

Was anybody humming a superhero tune all day today?

I know I was!



I was (sadly)

Best place on meth

Sadly, because your childhood hero was replaced by a communist thief who can’t even drive a car?

Best place on meth

May had the maximum possible business day possible making the monthly stats a bit misleading so I’m going with dailies instead.

Listings 269, up from 256 in April

Sales 184, down from 189 in April

Sell/list ratio 69%, down from 74% in April


Trudeau can just go %{^# himself regarding the pipeline.

Why did we sell the tar sands to The Chinese whobthen want to transport it back to their motherland?

Let’s keep our oil and take it back from the Chinese companies. And jail the treasonists who sold it to them.

Best place on meth

BC is going to war with Turdeau!

He may have to send in the misogynist RCMP to fight us.

Just me

Trudeau is going to lose this one. Granted Clark (that he wanted to be elected) gets kicked out.


Price Change


Whistler or Bust?

Many posters and I may not agree on the politics but we can agree on one thing.



I’m not convinced of that yet. It’s not what I’m seeing on the ground. The election seems to have had little effect.

Give it a couple weeks though.



Shut It Down Already

Hasn’t it been almost a year since your last prediction to that effect?

Just me

And Zolo shows the first significant dip in prices in over three weeks. This time it might be different.

Shut It Down Already

But wait, you said that the Toronto foreign buyers tax had driven money back to Vancouver?

Just me

Look at prices changes in the past 2 days on myrealtycheck.ca
This is unprecedented both in magnitude and direction. In April and early May there were many price increases. They have virtually disappeared over the past week. Instead, price drops have become both large and prevalent. Even last August I did not see so many price drops. Unprecedented.



Almost all the areas were red in January. Now it’s a mix with greenish.

Just me

It got a lot redder since Mid May. A lot.
You can see the price changes in Vancouver proper by date of the chage. Look at what happened yesterday!


Nah don’t see much change. Just a glitch.


Prices down 5% just on psychology. Wait until policy changes close loopholes.

Whistler or Bust?

Bad policy has played a role in Canada’s housing crisis KEVIN BRYAN, JOSHUA GOTTLIEB and JOSEPH STEINBERG 16:08 EST Wednesday, May 17, 2017 Kevin Bryan is an assistant professor of strategic management in the Rotman School of Management; Joshua Gottlieb is an assistant professor of economics in the Vancouver School of Economics; Joseph Steinberg is an assistant professor of economics at the University of Toronto. Popular discussions about Canada’s housing market focus on affordability. This is indeed a problem – home prices in Toronto and Vancouver have grown much faster than incomes. But, as the recent trouble at Home Capital Group has highlighted, the price boom in these regions poses dangers beyond affordability. First, some basic facts. Since 2010, nominal house prices have nearly doubled in both the Toronto and Vancouver metro areas, two regions that account for nearly half… Read more »


this article highlighting some of Lieutenant-Governor Judith Guichon’s recent comments (from May 26th) was released last Saturday…i agree with the author that all this seems a bit disturbing


“Premier Christy Clark will form the government. And it’s quite likely that they will go in and start the session, and that a Throne Speech will be presented. And the Throne Speech, of course, is written by government to outline what they plan to do in that session. The Throne Speech might pass without anybody contesting it, and then a budget must be presented. That could perhaps be the more controversial act, would be the budget. The budget may contain things that make everybody happy. Perhaps we will have a new era. Perhaps everybody will work together to get the work done to run a great province. So it’s very hard to predict what will happen and I, like the rest of you, will be tuned in, to watch very carefully.”

Just me

Disturbing indeed. What is all that mumbo-jumbo about other parties working together to support Christy Clark? Does this woman not realize she is the arbiter and should keep an impartial profile?


Martyn Brown has some long standing beef with Christy Clark. I don’t know what it is, but his opinions on the Liberals haven’t been very balanced. I wouldn’t worry about Guichon. If Clark fails in a throne speech, then she’ll give the NDP a shot at it. It’s pretty black and white. You’d need some type of Constitutional issue to come up. I actually think there are two things in the NDP / Green agreement that are questionable constitutionally. The first is their plan to fight the Federal government in court against Kinder Morgan. The Province knows full well the pipeline is a federal responsibility and the process of approval was well known and agreed upon early on. To challenge that decision is to undermine the very fabric of our Country and Constitution. The second is their proposed changes to… Read more »


i seriously hope i am wrong about this but i suspect there might be more going on here than meets the eye given how much is at stake for the various monied interests. quite honestly, the RE industry here and all across Cda is too big to fail now, so you never know what might be possible. if i am indeed correct, krusty might get to whip the football out one last time but at the risk of doing so in front of an already skeptical public that would completely turn their backs on the whole corrupt organization and possibly lobby for her impeachment should all the stars suddenly and mysteriously align in her favor

(signing off until legislature recalled and more cards are flipped over)


She hasn’t started to campaign yet and her only tweet is welcoming the Rock back to Vancouver to film his next movie… Skyscraper.

IMDB describes the movie as being set in China.

You can’t make this stuff up.


First, it’s the job of the courts to judge whether any provincial or federal act is constitutional. Certainly not the job of the L-G, and doubly so before any act is introduced in the first place.

Second, it’s perfectly clear that the BC government has the power to change the electoral system at will with no referendum. It’s happened twice before. Again, it’s no business whatsoever of the L-G.

Best place on meth

The pipeline likely runs afoul of treaty obligations with First Nations.

The new BC government can tie up the Feds in court for many years.


How Rachel Notley’s NDP tricked Albertans into not noticing how drastic its new labour bill really is

what a garbage headline.

Best place on meth

All you Liberal lovers – shut the fuck up and get over it already.

You’re worse than Hillary supporters.


Watch the fake news pile up.


These assholes are really feeling it. Hopefully policy ramps up and we can gloat at these morons like they have at others the last 16 years.

Whistler or Bust?

Did either of you asshats read the article?

Union ass kissing Morons

Best place on meth

Yeah, I read it, despite the incredibly anti-NDP first paragraph.

It didn’t get any better after that.

I don’t much care for unions but thanks for asking.


So how much equity you lose on your and parents real estate the last 48 hours?

Should it even matter since you bought a place to live in?

Why do you care if price goes down? Don’t tell me you don’t want others to own at affordable prices. If so, you are as worse as they come.


B.C. is on the precipice of a marvellous drama, with high odds of everything blowing up soon

At certain times in Canada’s colonial history, the members of a newly elected legislature met and found themselves unable to elect a Speaker because parties or blocs were tied. In those cases, the Lieutenant-Governor dissolved the assembly and called an immediate do-over election.


“Why Investors Are Running Away From the Fastest-Growing G-7 Economy”, Bloomberg

“Meanwhile, in a year when stocks are rising everywhere, Canada’s benchmark index is the second-worst-performer in the developed world after Israel. It’s a similar story in currency and bond markets.”

“Investors remain concerned about geopolitical risks such as U.S. trade protectionism, the outlook for oil prices and a housing market that some analysts say may be on the verge of a correction. “


“IMF warns of ‘significant’ risks from Canada’s housing market”, Globe & Mail


“Ms. Lim’s staff statement also took issue with the foreign buyers tax approach introduced in British Columbia and Ontario that “discriminates against non-resident buyers.” The IMF states that non-resident activity is not the sole driver of housing prices and the provinces should replace the foreign-buyers taxes with more effective tax changes aimed at discouraging speculative activity.”


IMF expresses concern over ‘hot spots’ in Toronto and Vancouver housing markets


Housing market a major factor driving Canada’s economy, which grew at 3.7% pace in first 3 months of 2017


Now now.. selling housing to speculators who jack up the prices to enrich themselves is not a driver for Canadian economy. They extract the cash and put it in their pocket.


Useful measures would be one that would offset the incentive in speculated gains

– Province wide gradually raised wide yearly residential real estate taxation for foreign and corporate speculators of 5%
i.e. : $1M house would have $40K yearly taxes in 20
2018:2% 2018:3% 2019:4% 2020:5%
– Entry transaction tax of 28% for foreign and corporate speculation on residential housing
– Exit transaction taxes for corporations and foreign owners that go up yearly
2018 : 2% 2019:4% 2020: 6% 2021 : 8%

This should induce exit for many foreign and corporate speculation on real estate


Absolutely brilliant! Just love it! such a wonderful idea! Please send it to David Eby who now may a real chance to pass through such excellent measures!

DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! This will be wonderful for RE in BC!!!

Yes, REAL CHANGE! Please send it to David Eby so this may see the light of the day!


You are a fucking clown.

Maybe report your parents to CRA. You mostly sound like HAM; family laundered money into houses?

Speak up


Many of new posters on this site are the same people who pumped Vancouver’s realestate on this other site:

Once the new tax for Vancouver was implemented. the site basically imploded for whatever reason and now they are migrating to other BC realestate sites and pumping realestate once again.

It site was converted to perma fights between bulls and bears and name calling . The bulls had declared themselves master of universe and hijacked the conversations to be about their abilities to see the future predication for new highs.. Even the IDs are the same.

I suppose they believe they can control the realestate prices and that is why they are here.

P.S. I only once in a white read these boards and I notice the degradation already


>same people who pumped Vancouver’s realestate on this other site

and they were right.


What does that mean/! They people who pump for speculation can not be quoted to have been right… It is like saying that those that pump and dump stocks can see the future! but can they or they manipulating the markets. There is only two possibilities up or down… those that want the price to go up, pump. In housing inflation and printing money can cause the rise the value but the speculators work beyond that. The land sharks and property market manipulators try to lock markets in their favor.

So in that case, the regulators have to shut them down.


you think the housing market is moved by posts on a message board?

wow… bear logic at it’s finest.


Document forgery in financial industry more common than you’d think, past employees say
Former CIBC representative says ‘85% of sales staff’ in her workplace forged documents, encouraged by manager


banks, brokerages, insurance, accounting firms, real estate industry, finance co’s…
85% use bucketshop tactics

on the contrary, BC politics since the PR photo Weaver and Horgan, Womens Sevens Rugby tourny in Langford…. has been a refreshing change!

whew, those women are tough!


That is forgery by their sale staff to show sales of insurance products.. What does it have to do with housing?


this is just another layer to the story that popped up earlier in the year regarding the sale of products to clients without their knowledge. it is mostly definitely related as it pertains to the fraudulent approval of loans, HELOCs, mortgages and other products to clients that either weren’t present at the time to review/sign documentation and those that willingly went along with these schemes as they wouldn’t have qualified otherwise. this also shows that some of the issues at Home Capital are likely more widespread than advertised and that lending practices in general are geared toward selling large volumes of product using any and all means available without any regard for the clients interests or needs


For those of you who are info facts, the actual NDP-Green agreement can be found here. On the last page there is “take action to deal with the speculation and fraud that is driving up prices”. I think along with other posters that the emphasis will be on tax enforcement. After all, they’re going to have to pay for a lot of other stuff.



Speculation is not activated by banking fraud but rather sale and promotion of properties to foreign buyers.


Garth the deceiver is leading a full on assault on the Greens/NDP. He is leading HAM.

Read his post. That guy had made suckers out of many. He implicitly states that he wants illegal foreign money to continue to enter BC. All while denying foreign money is insignificant.


Whistler or Bust?

I forgot that guy even had a blog.

Best place on meth

Turncoat doesn’t know the definintion of “coup”.

The coalition of Dippers and Greens seizing power in a bloodless coup appears unified on a strategy to destroy real estate equity.

Seems like right wingers everywhere don’t understand many basic English words.

Best place on meth

Now cue some know-it-all to advise me that it’s not “originally” an English word.

Just me

Does this woman have to fake any reasonably human feeling and expression?


For those with a bad eyesight: the word HUMBLE is scrawled on her prepared notes. Everything is about appearances for her. Shameful to the end.

To those who voted for her: I hope you understand who you have been supporting.


this comes as no surprise. every word she uttered today was carefully chosen as is usually the case. we all know what happens when she is caught off guard. to me it is obvious that she along with the rest of her team have something else in the works and that today’s announcement amounted to nothing more than another staged campaign ad. i would hope by now that horgan and weaver recognise this and have their radars set to high for another round of shenanigans


Hearing condo developers are going to stop selling and lay off workers as a ‘shock’.

To limit supply even more.

We have to destroy these idiots once and for all.

Combat roach

Until locust (a.k.a. launderer/investor) doesn’t get exterminated and disintegrated by all means, this fucking place won’t get fixed. Fucks are literally swallowing this country.

Vancouver developers want more townhomes. Critics say they’ll just be sold overseas



Politics at this level self selects sociopaths.


she’s standing in front of… what?… a dozen people with cameras and microphones shoved in her face. what can a person do in that situation other than put on a performance?


That’s a good point and I was going to add a second part to my statement which was that if you aren’t a sociopath already, the job will turn you into one.

Just me

Mmmmh, let me think….perhaps behave a little more truthfully?

Just me

I would be happy if the change of government gave us a built less of this appalling nonsense.

Lamborghini collides with fire hydrant at downtown Vancouver intersection


Shut It Down Already

“Following the money” my ass.

Best place on meth

drives the only way that he can,
guns the gas, slams the brake,
his drivers license is surely fake

hey, hey…watch out for chinaman….

Foo Man

Is this a white power blog? Moderator – do you support this shit?

Best place on meth

Sounds to me like you want to hear the next verse.


Shut It Down Already

Yes, admin supports this shit. He has a keyword filter that sends posts to a moderation queue from which they never escape but silently refuses to apply it to racial slurs.

This is now an alt right blog.

Best place on meth

Can he drive?
Listen bud,
He’s got puppy meat in his blood,
Does he flaunt…. his stolen cash?
With Christy gone, he might have to dash,

There goes the chinaman…..


I must say I laughed out loud.

(Even if it is racist)

Best place on meth

All of you will be singing it tomorrow.

Trust me on this.


Ummm, I’m a visible minority. This blog just doesn’t like illegal foreign cash being laundered here and taken illegally out of China.


“This is now an alt right blog.”

You mean alt left. These are Green and NDP cheer leaders. Can’t get more left than that.


I am not sure if the readers know you have written that with the spiderman cartoon playing in the background.


author of this article has no clue what he is talking about price wise. $200k??? actual price is closer to triple that


The interesting part is that the car looks like a grasshopper, maybe it did not like the red hydrant b/c it looks like a stop sign/red light?

I hope the repair bill is not going to come out of the tax payers pockets, how the hell do you have a collision with a fire hydrant? Its blaring red! And stationary. It is not even on the street. Daylight. On a street down town where speed is Maximum 50Km.

The silver lining is that no hardworking tax paying Canadian got hurt/killed.

Best place on meth

But sadly, the driver survived.

Best place on meth

Krusty is trying to hold on to power until she is literally dragged away.

No decency, no shame.

Combat roach

Beginning of the end: a chastened Clark acknowledges her premiership is likely coming to a close



maybe a rope a dope type manoeuvre??? whole speech seemed odd to me

Bag it and tag it

Liberal war chest is still spilling over with funds, which I’m sure she thinks belongs to her. She’ll stick around until she figures out a way to get that money out. One time bonus of $5M? I assume there will be a leadership convention in the next year or so, which will likely be the only way she leaves…she’ll be dragged away screaming ‘that money is mine! I want my money!’