Politicians want to solve Vancouver housing problems

Good news!

If you’ve got an idea of how to make housing more affordable in Vancouver, city officials say they’re all ears.

“I think we’re almost at the desperation stage,” said Randy Pecarski, the City of Vancouver’s deputy director of planning. “People are on the verge of leaving the city because they can’t find a place to stay.”

First step: another survey to improve housing affordability over the next ten years.

Read the full article over at the CBC.

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Special police unit raids across region net luxury cars and uncover links to drug trafficking, loan sharking, kidnapping, extortion and mainland China.


Combat roach

Must be a fake news. All those from China are hard-working innocent people caught in the cross-fire of ignorant generalizations about money laundering, drug trafficking, loan sharking, kidnapping, and extortion.


Who is denying that there are bad people from China? There are bad people from every country, for example, in Canada there are people like you who try to incite hate against an entire group.


Household financial vulnerability to enter uncharted territory: Parliamentary Budget Office

>>> clearly turning up the velocity over the years has brought to this point today…


solution : 1- Zoning and creating new land mass that is dedicated to “””Freehold””” townhouses. These type of units hardly exist in most of BC currently speaking with few exceptions. Reducing the Strata type developments for townhouses and replacing them with freehold or bareland-Strata type will make for more efficient use of land and also it will attract those that are turned off by Strata’s increasing cost and over-bearing rules. The optimal solutions would be no-backyard or extra-small backyard type developments and one way narrow streets, garage in the bottom that reduce land use. 2- Government seize of land via purchase between streets with backyards and adding narrow one way streets and a row of town homes via rezoning. 3- Massively increase agricultural land taxes for non-Canadians and those that do not farm the land. That will reduce land-sharking and… Read more »


Vancouver proposes to bisect Strathcona Park with big road

>>> city planners and those backing them showing their true colours here…


houses and land are for speculating, debt enslavement and crashing population reproduction rates

vehicles are for living debt free, and instantly fleeing danger

Abdul Lahazi

Someone suggested we need the government to supply more low income housing. Here is what happens when they do that:


And notice the Rolls Royce in front on the street? We are so far down the rabbit hole now I don’t think we will ever get out.


Property owners’ £2.3tn windfall ‘has created huge inequality gap’

Rising house prices that have enriched older generations have priced the young out of home ownership, said the Resolution Foundation, adding that the pattern whereby each generation was wealthier than the previous one had broken down.

In a new report, the thinktank noted that the baby boomers born in the 20 years after the second world war were the big beneficiaries of rapidly rising house prices, but had amassed most of the wealth through no skill of their own.


im 55, born in ’62, 17 years after the end of WW 2
I live in my car.

There are three spikes to the baby boom. And it started before the end of WW2. In fact, for a war it was very weird. The combatants; more people in these countries at the end of it, than there was when it started. This is rare, virtually unheard of.

anyway, three spikes and a head and shoulder pattern. Study this grasshoppers. Snowflakes looking for scapegoats in boomers, tsk, tsk, pretty broad brush.. look at your own predicament…the bullet to the head, the first week of college, when accepting that credit card, and now cant afford a family… just like the DeepState intended.


We are experiencing the flip side of overcrowded schools, which was solved with portables, ie. temporary structures.

My idea, repeated, is to allow more public services for people living in their vans, camper vans and other vehicles, so long as they arent yuge motorhomes taking up more than one parking spot.

It’s only temporary, cant see it lasting longer than 10 to 12 years.


Price Changes

Just listed: The first of 6 new luxury homes in North Vancouver’s sought after Canyon Heights neighbourhood. Ready this fall with prices ranging from $3,389,000-$3,989,000. http://www.clivestevepaul.com/ActiveListings.php

Abdul Lahazi

I buy 3 my husbah gonna buy 3.

Shut It Down Already

Long term poster then?



it took over 30 years for naive and PC candians to get the balls to even talk about “foreign buyers”.

As a matter of fact during the 1980-81 bubble a lot of people were talking about foreign buyers (from HK at the time) and it was even featured on the local TV news.



really? then how do you explain this:

Chinatown decision: Vancouver council rejects controversial 105 Keefer St. proposal

and this:

First Shaughnessy designated Heritage Conservation Area

you wan’t find more central and less utilized neighbourhoods than chinatown and shaughnessy. both even have skytrain… and they’re off limits.


Add Commercial Drive to that list.

Look at all the density and towers around the busiest transit hub in the entire Province… crickets.

Behind closed doors, the people at City Hall know more density is needed in those areas but they choose not to provide the zoning for political reasons.

Vancouver is a joke along the whole SkyTrain route. Burnaby has been very successful doing development right.

Abdul Lahazi

Burnaby has displaced many hundreds if not thousands of low income renters as the old low rise rental buildings in metrotown are being demolished and redeveloped into expensive high rise condos for offshore investors. I don’t call that successful.


Having a rent-controlled older apartment is great for low income people that never have to move. For everyone else, increased density is the only way to affordability. I agree it doesn’t always need to be high rises and there is too much built for the luxury market; cities need to target affordability as part of permitting, but keep building.

Shut It Down Already

The majority will be sold to locals.


What needs to be done is the Province should come up with a 30 year plan for new housing units based on projected net population increase. Each city or municipality must come up with a plan to meet set targets by year so housing can meet demand. For each city if they don’t meet the target they lose provincial funding and pay a fine of some type. Cities that beat targets get bonuses for transit and other infrastructure. Carrot and stick.


The province could also mandate a certain number of purpose built rentals, co-ops, low income and sizes of condos being built.


How about a 30 year moratorium om immigration? 30K (actually probably a lot higher in reality) forever? What is the end game?


More from Sam Cooper…
Regulator tracks rise in mortgage fraud complaints in B.C. as house prices jump
It will be spectacular when this gasbag blows.

Best place on meth

““The market in the Lower Mainland is like a wildfire, because people are borrowing in a huge way,” said Singh. “And foreign buyers have impacted the market, because of the loopholes in the lending system. How can people buy a $2.5-million home when they have hardly any income?”

Well, they can’t.

Shut It Down Already

The answer, as always, is that they have a fucking downpayment from the sale of a previous home.

First time buyers will never be able to afford to buy at the top end of the market, anywhere in the developed world, outside of millennial entitlement fantasies.


Here is my idea… Take the Langara and Burnaby Mountain Golf Courses and convert them to high density centrs, with towers, offices and commercial retail. Each is roughly the size of Yaletown for reference. The Cities of Vancouver and Burnaby own the land so they should do 100 to 150 year leases but with a mandate to charge a relatively low cost. The condos would have some type of means test applied to them in that foreign buyers couldn’t just come in and buy a whole floor. The condos would also be discounted from the real market rate, but the caveat would you only realize that benefit upon sale of the property after holding for 10 years (or some type of formula). As an example, let’s say a condo had a market value of $500k in the real world. In… Read more »


I think we failed with the Oakridge Transit Centre for a similar model. The Province owned that land and could have used it to help ease the housing crisis.

Abdul Lahazi

And Oakridge Sold to Chinese developers.

Combat roach

Who else, they are regarded as the most reliable developers when it comes to quality and also as BC’s most valuable strategic partners.

Combat roach

Right on, golf courses are the utter waste of land and resources in urban areas catering only to few. Also, I never had a high opinion of golf players, just pretentious snobs, and megalomaniacs using too much space. Hiking is much more stylish.


it’s a public golf course, anyone can use it.

also, there is a track around the golf course that’s used by old and young alike from that neighbourhood.

if you want to get rid of the golf course, better to replace it with another park than fucking condos.

Bear Vancouverite

Haha, I rarely agree with you but this cannot be true enough:

“if you want to get rid of the golf course, better to replace it with another park than fucking condos.”

Best place on meth

We don’t need anymore condos, we need massive building of public housing for middle class working people.

In fact, local governments should stop issuing permits for condo developments altogether and begin putting out tenders to submit plans and designs for such public housing.

All of Krusty’s buddies will bid. They’ll have to if they want to get any work.


I’m curious what commenters think the result of this and NDP/Green policies will be over the next couple of years or so. SFH owners are still politically powerful locally, and a lot of the political emphasis seems to be on making sure that subsidized housing is available to low income residents (those that don’t want to move somewhere cheaper). This makes me think there will in fact be no big push to build housing for middle class types that actually work in the city.

Combat roach

The middle class is becoming an overhead in Vancouver, unwanted category. All the city needs are two classes, wealthy and poor so now they need to figure out where to fit the poor because the city needs them around in order to support the wealthy.


“This makes me think there will in fact be no big push to build housing for middle class types that actually work in the city.”

You seem to be unaware that building affordable housing just for the poor went out 50 years or so ago. Since the 70’s CoV policy has been to put mixed incomes in such developments.


On the VAHA website I see projects listed with a total of ~1000 units with completion dates as far out as 2020. Are you unaware that >30,000 people move to the metro every year? I also found a story about how people with less than $85k income purchased affordable units for no money down, but instead of moving in as agreed they started renting them out at market rates… Even if you don’t disagree with government central planning in principle this doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

Just me

Cash-for-jobs. Chinese mainlanders pay local business to appear as their employees. Work-permit automatically eliminates the obligation to pay Foreign Buyer Tax (Christy Clark made sure of that).


Wu asked if her relative would actually have to go to work at the job once they arrive in Canada. Sun said not necessarily.

“A lot of applicants don’t want to work here, they only want to pay some money as a simple way to get a residency status. This is also fine.”

Sun assured Wu “we have never had a single case that’s been rejected so far.”

Combat roach

Locust won’t stop until they fuck up all what’s left of Canada and beyond. Driven by the insane level of insolence, arrogance, and greed they represent a total riddle to western norms and expectations. They have no shame or any scruples whatsoever and for them is just business as usual. They don’t even think they do anything wrong when lying, falsifying, cheating and scamming in order to gain any personal benefit. It is all regular part of life and business.

Best place on meth

It’s absolutely surreal watching what these people have done to our country and the cavalier, matter-of-fact attitude they have towards fraud. It’s as natural as breathing.

“Wu asked if her relative would actually have to go to work at the job once they arrive in Canada. Sun said not necessarily.
“A lot of applicants don’t want to work here, they only want to pay some money as a simple way to get a residency status. This is also fine.”


canadians are such suckers, lol. seriously, who do you think is going to win this?

do yourselves a favour and buy a house and learn mandarin.

Best place on meth

What you’re saying is to just accept what’s being done to us and don’t fight back.

Fuck that.


If you read the article, you’ll understand it’s about provincial nominees for permanent residency, not work permits.

Combat roach

Right, that dramatically changes the entire perspective on Chinese shitshow at Canada.

Bear Vancouverite

This article makes me so angry, what’s worse, is when this was brought to the attention of CBSA they give some cop out answer.

Best place on meth

All immigration from communist china should be halted immediately and resumed sometime around never.


The government has been turning their heads for too long. This is not at all a surprise. The system is easily abused. a small percentage of Canadians leach off of social programs every day. Being screwed by a small percentage of malicious and oppurtunistic Canadians was not worth pursuing in the past, but we’re not ready to be exploited by a a small percentage of malicious and oppurtunistic people from China. There’s just too many people and our government is either compliment or too stupid to see what’s going on.