Sunday Free-for-all!

Time for a thread rollover, better late than never!

This would normally be our Friday free-for-all thread, but here it is Sunday morning.

What are you seeing out there? Post your news links, thoughts and anecdotes in the comments below and have an excellent weekend!

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[…] From southseacompany: another warning about rates knocking back growth. […]


“BIS warns higher interest rates could derail global growth”, Financial Times

“The world has become so used to cheap credit that higher interest rates could derail the global economic recovery, the Bank for International Settlements has warned.”

“After cutting interest rates to all-time lows and pumping trillions of dollars into markets to boost growth in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, central banks are now preparing to tighten their monetary policies.”

““All this underlines how much asset prices appear to depend on the very low bond yields that have prevailed for so long.””

Abdul Lahazi

I agree with this, but the question is: will the CBs have the guts to stay the course with higher rates or will they chicken out and drop rates when it become apparent the economy can’t (at least temporarily) handle those higher rates?


Four more Richmond immigration fraudsters sentenced
Zheng Wen Ye, Tian “Gary” Chen, Xiao Ben “Ben” Chu and Che Fang added to growing laundry list of fraudsters


I heard Oracle got a CBO position at Remax Chief Balloon Operator….. keep blowing those open house balloons dude!


Are you trying to be funny or are you trying to insult?

Failed miserably on both accounts.

Just me

This morning the Sunday Edition with Michael Enright on the CBC national channel had a small roundtable about housing issues in Canada. Josh Gordon was one of the panelists, and quite frankly the only one who actually said something factually correct and made the points that are most relevant. The other guys were onto some mumbo-jumbo about poverty and homelessness. Here is a link: One big problem is that people confuse the issue of affordable housing with that of homelessness, poverty and mental health. I think the latter problems are serious and growing. But housing problems in Canada have reached such proportions that urban workers with good jobs are being pushed out of Toronto and Vancouver. This is a utter disaster, and we are transforming our largest English-speaking cities into resorts for millionaires. If Josh Gordon ran for office… Read more »


“There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

― Warren Buffett

Just me

True. Very true. And the working class (including educated, middle-class workers) are losing big time.
Capital (and capital flows) rule the day. And politicians hang their heads low and consent without a pip.
Politicians are tacitly saying: we need the millionaire migrants from China, so shut up and get on with it….

Lost...but not leased

Re Warren Smorgasbord…err Buffet

FYI….one reason there will not be a Keystone pipeline is that Warren Smorgasbord has a big stake in BNSF railway….which charges $30 barrel for oil transport..whereas the pipeline cost would be $ 10 barrel. Thus fund the “GREEN OPPOSITION LTD.”
…follow the $$$ baby…

When one is at the super elite level….lots of skeletons in the closet..these people create their own economic weather.


They are pocketing cash. And the middle class is not educated. They are schooled. Dumbed down.

Road Warrior

You can’t see anything in Prince Rupert because it rains to damn much.


Prince Rupert – What are folks seeing up there? The first LNG plant is dead. A second one just got cancelled. Seems particularly risky.

Lost...but not leased

From what I am gathering, we are being manouevered into electricity as our ultimate power source…based on the zero emisssions agenda.

I think that many of these mega projects..whether it be pipelines etc. were simply part of some economic hype bubble. ….


Agreed. The wrench was that site C is cancelled now. Plan was to privatize BC Hydro and then raise rates.

Lost...but not leased

Cancelling Site C will apparently cost $2 billion…
Just because the NDP stopped it doesn’t mean it won’t ultimately proceed.

One had to figure there is a point of no return that the cost to not proceed is more costly than too proceed. I’m sure the BC Liberals set things up on a contingency format that even if the NDP won that things like Site C were unstoppable.

Best place on meth

Just because 2 billion has been wasted doesn’t mean it should go forward so another 7 billion can be wasted, not including the inevitable cost overruns.

Once completed, billions more will be lost selling power below cost.

The Libs will wear this boondoggle forever, just like the NDP will never shed the fast ferries.

Lost...but not leased

True…..but LOGIC rarely applies to Gov’t.

We still don’t know the ramifications of the P3 Golden Ears Toll removal…nor the Massey Tunnel replacement cancellation.

The NDP have been snookered and trumped. The NDP wanted power…they got it…never been able to handle it.

Tomorrow.. interesting info on what apparently is Vancouver biggest developer WESTBANK


What’s the interesting info? Marketing local developments in China.

Just me

The stench of corruption is enveloping Europe as well.

Cyprus selling EU citizenship to super rich of Russia and Ukraine
Passports issued under ‘golden visa’ scheme raises €4bn since 2013, according to papers seen by the Guardian

Why are western governments so desperate for token cash. In the grand scheme of things, we are giving away our valuable land and freedom for peanuts.