Hey Vancouver! Why so miserable?

You’d think that living in a great city would make you happy, but apparently that’s not true for everyone.  Southseacompany points out this article about why people in Vancouver and Toronto are so unhappy.

Vancouver is now a place you try to survive as much as enjoy. All the problems are well known, the greatest being the high cost of housing. When you, as a young person, have little hope of making a comfortable life in a city that you love, of course it’s going to cause unhappiness. There is a sense that Vancouver is being yanked away from those who love it most, taken over by mercantilists and arrivistes from around the world who care little about a city’s “soul” so long as the skiing’s good and there’s a place that sells beluga caviar. And then there are those sitting on a lottery ticket with the house they bought years ago, waiting to cash out, and those sitting on a mountain of debt, praying interest rates don’t go up. It doesn’t sound like the kind of environment that would engender a cool community vibe, a place where relationships between people can flourish. And that, I think, is what the survey on happiness has tapped into.

Read the full article here.

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Hope you guys are supporting the #PPC!!!


Max rent increase policy under review: John Horgan


“Last week the province approved that hike in rental rates up from four per cent last year.”

do these guys have any kind of long term plan ???


Idiots or playing games with the people who voted them in.

Vote YES in referendum. Then we will get a new party started in BC that gets at least 5% of the vote.


Whatever happened to our Housing Minister, you know, Mrs Robinson.
Gone AWL? Deceased?
Anyway, she claimed to have a PLAN once.


Where are you people? BPOM? Combat Roach? Laibach? Oracle? Make Vancouver Great Again? Make Trudeau Drama Teacher again? etc?

Locusts congregate outside of our courts trying to subvert our legal and justice system and none of you bother to show up?!

Absolutely disgusted!


“Moving forward you will NOT see the “Syrian Refugee” label used when referring to this murderer because the left-wing media will want to downplay the fact that these people are dangerous.”

Well so much for that prediction.


Interesting that my posts have such an overwhelming affect on you.

I for one am glad that this issue has not been dropped from the spotlight. We need to highlight the problem of bringing in Muslim Syrian refugees without proper vetting. It is a known fact that the young single male Syrian refugees are a potential security problem due to their easy radicalization.


We have no power. The People’s Party is a beachhead. Support a common cause.


Apparently, they got quickly organized as per command under leadership. The same way when protesting social housing, taxes, teacher’s strike or reave free salt.


How exactly are they subverting our legal system? Trudeau’s ill-advised economic migrant aka “refugee” program is shameful, and deserving of criticism. If I bothered to show up I’d be hurling insults about the refugee program as well and I’m a white guy.


HaHa. Not to say I blame them but where is the screening process to filter out Chinese immigrants who have made off with Millions of the PRC money. I don’t see them worrying about a screening process in those cases.


People’s Party of Canada. Please support.

Please donate $100+. You will get a 75% refund when you file taxes so only costing you $25. If we can get everyone to support, we will have a war chest against the elite.

Why support?

Housing; lower immigration numbers will ease rents and prices.

Check out the platform.

and please ignore the comments from the trolls here…


And please follow the party on twitter. United we prevail, divided we fail. Canada’s future is at stake.


It is. And support Max is a sure fire way to hand Trudeau another majority!



CPC is another Trudeau.

Bag it and tag it

I don’t like the Liberals and I’d hate to see them win another election, but really, the conservative party is pretty much same when it comes to immigration, which is the reason why Max left the party in the first place. We need to vote for Max in order to get the attention of the other parties that Canadians wants less immigration. Hopefully he’ll get enough seats to be a power broker in terms of creating a coalition government.


Oracle wants to split the vote to keep Trudeau in power and keep the immigrant stream flowing.

Best place on meth

I don’t know how many years Cameron Muir has been entertaining us, but he’s still as funny as ever.

“B.C. residential real estate downturn “largely behind us” – despite actual sales dropping
Demand for homes is gradually recovering and expected to pick up this fall, asserts BCREA”



Every the optimst, Expected by who?


up, down, or sideways. It is always a good time to buy a house according to a realtor.


Downturn? What fucking downturn? Jesus this city and this market is bloody perverse. Aside from westside high high end not much has been “down”.

God I hate the RE attitude in this city. If it’s not going up 20% a year it’s a downturn. God how I wish for a crash and to let Rome burn.

Shut It Down Already (original)

If Vancouver 1 bed condo prices stay where they are then pretty soon they’ll be showing a 10% drop over the preceding year, at least according to Zolo.

Bag it and tag it

They’ll do whatever they can to get on the fence sellers to wait another 6 months and on the fence buyers to jump in. One of their favourites is saying our forecast is for a drop in prices of 2.34578% in 2018 following by an increase of 5.38463% in 2019.

Best place on meth


8 of the last 9 days price changes have exceeded sales.

Last time there was a day of sales this low in Sept was 2012, but at least there was a 100+ sales day by Sept 10th. We haven’t had one this year.

Next week’s sales numbers are important because of the lag in reporting, much of what we’ve seen so far was sold in August.

If there isn’t a sales day over 100 next week, she’s cooked.


Price Change



Lowest sold number of the year?

Best place on meth

Lower on Jan 4/5/8/10/15 and Sept 4.


The slope increases…


Yeah the verticality is likely going to start accelerating to the downside. First the sales will run nearly dry (right about now), then the listings tsunami arrives.


Driver caught going over twice the speed limit in Richmond


Richmond drivers again.
The usual suspects?

Bag it and tag it

My sources tell me he was late for a strata meeting where they were voting on whether all future meetings should be held in mandarin.

Best place on meth

No, just trying not to miss the beginning of Crazy Rich Asians.


Confusing, the reason for speed matches the mindset of a typical locust but on the other side, they don’t drive such “cheap” cars?

Shadow Inventory

Another illegal hotel found: https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/24972517

Quote: “Eaton Management & the Stafford West Group, professionally monitors this property to guarantee guests have an unforgettable experience.”

Shadow Inventory

Good News! It seems that the CoV did in fact clamp down on illegal Airbnbs. Sadly, there are still some. Here’s one: https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/27939406

Quote: “Professionally managed with a vacation rental company.”
Question: Is this “vacation rental company” a legit business or a triad-managed operation?


The NDP rent increase is going to cost youbiver $1000/year. Before you Minions babble on about this was law, NDP could have changed it after almost 1.5 years.

Keep rooting for them. Hahaha

And keep rooting for Weaver who is going to bring down the Spec tax. Hahaha

At least Christy brought in a tax that stopped the market in its tracks. These guys have been all talk and not one significant policy is in effect yet.

What a bunch of liars. No wonder they haven’t sold their own investment properties.

Will be happy to see the referendum fail. Kick these guys out. #failure

Hope you can see that minions.

Balanced arguments

You’re blowing your cover Oracle. Keep cool buddy. You have to keep up the act that you’re a renter that wants lower house prices; not a real estate mole that secretly wants the Liberals to come back in to power and bring back money laundering through our Real Estate.


Have you been here long enough to realize I’m the guy that wants a 50% crash?

Don’t buy the BS of trolls here. I atta k their positions because they are too timid. You have to force the Greens and NDP to take action. Not get complacent.

I need to see results before I give the NDP a pat on the back. So far nothing.

Balanced arguments

That’s the character that you play. In this movie, your character wants a crash but preaches policies that re-inflate housing. You are the BS troll.


The NDP have failed big time in making YVR more affordable.

Taxes are up, gas prices are up, car insurance is up, condos are up, rent is up. The only thing more affordable is MSP, but that came off everybody’s pay raise for the year, so it’s a wash.


You forgot Hydro and child care. Yup, one term wonders. There is a reason they lost 5 elections in a row and desperately want PR. Flunkies.


Child care?


B.C. pilot for $200-a-month child care gets ‘overwhelming’ response, says government.


LOL, They promised $10 a day child care for all kids. Not a few hundred kids in an 18 month pilot program. You seem to like being lied to.


Apparently, those rich homeowners are finding out that rents can only go so high. I wouldn’t worry too much about further rent increases.


Rent Prices in Vancouver have Flatlined

“However, as the real estate market begins to slow, while simultaneously new construction ramps up (currently at all time highs in Vancouver), vacancy rates increase and rent prices begin to fall as an abundance of new supply overwhelms the market.”


Don’t tell Oracle. He believes that rents have detached from incomes. The can only go up at 15%!a year.

“Haven’t you heard? Its $2700 for a 2 bedroom basement suite in Abbotsford and you have to give the landlord sexual favours!”


Toronto Real Estate Board Reminds Agents They Shouldn’t Give Fake Sold Info

Bag it and tag it

Just a friendly reminder not to lie…because they’ll find out about it….not like before when it was perfectly fine to lie.

Shut It Down Already (original)

Check out the comments – they actually discuss RE there rather than peddling far-right crap.

Best place on meth

You wouldn’t last 5 seconds there.

We encourage you to have a civil discussion. Note that reads “civil,” which means don’t act like jerks to each other. Still unclear? No name-calling, racism, or hate speech. Seriously, you’re adults – act like it.

Don’t act like a jerk to other people? FAIL

No name calling? That’s like saying no breathing

Shut It Down Already (original)

You clearly approve of racism and hate speech.

But yes, moderation works. Well done for noticing, genius. I bet you’ve already been banned.


What’s Weaver doing. He doesn’t want his equity to go down.

Showing his true colours in Whistler.

Threatening to bring down the NDP.


Not reasonable at all! Weaver just wants to protect his equity. His suggestions wouldn’t do anything to effect prices.

We all know it’s foreign money brought in by recent immigrants buying multiple properties that is the cause.

Foreign buyers nowadays is a small fraction.

In any case, looks like Weaver paid off to have Referendum fail by forcing a vote before the referdum.

Best place on meth

I haven’t heard a damn thing out of Weaver for the last 6 months, it’s as if he doesn’t exist.

Meanwhile Eby’s been everywhere, getting shit done from Victoria to Ottawa.



Aug 15, 2018: “Andrew Weaver wants B.C. to follow New Zealand ban on foreign homebuyers”

“We know what the problem is. We know the source of the problem,” Weaver said. “There’s been a lot of offshore money flowing into Metro Vancouver … what that has done is driven up speculation. “It isn’t like we haven’t seen this coming, but what it requires is bold leadership and strong public policy.”



July 23, 2018 “B.C. Greens frustrated at NDP’s ride-hailing and union-only construction announcements”

Weaver said he does not support the government’s delaying of ride-hailing for another year nor its new policy that workers on major government projects like the Pattullo Bridge replacement must join unions to be eligible.



MAY 15, 2018: “B.C. Greens and Richmond residents call for provincial action following council vote on ALR”

“Mega mansions on ALR land are imperiling our food security, destroying agricultural land and driving up prices well beyond the reach of young farmers,” said Andrew Weaver, leader of the B.C. Greens in a press release.“ The provincial government has a number of tools at its disposal that it should immediately use to address the issue of speculation on ALR land. These include restricting foreign ownership of ALR land, applying the speculation tax and foreign buyers tax to the ALR or creating legally binding house size limits.



“Andrew Weaver chastises NDP government for not closing housing-investment loophole”

Weaver demanded to know why the NDP hadn’t closed this “loophole”, which he alleged was “so big you could drive a bus through it”. “Please let me remind you that when the attorney general [David Eby] was in opposition, he was a very fierce critic of the B.C. Liberal housing policy or lack of a policy on affordability,” Weaver said. “Indeed, a year ago he told Reddit, the readers of Reddit: ‘We need to eliminate what’s called the bare trust loophole in the property transfer tax where these properties can transfer without property transfer tax paid. It’s costing us literally hundreds of millions of dollars, hundreds of millions that could be used for affordable housing initiatives.’ ”


“Greens push tough housing policies”

extending the foreign buyer tax to apply to presales and agricultural land

regulating and restricting short-term rentals;



And Eby has done what exactly?


Increased the FBT by 5%. And talked a lot of talk.


For your answer, use Google like you did to find those other links…


Enjoy your $1000/year after tax rent hike courtesy of the NDP.

Do the math you minion. How has the NDP helped you?


And Eby hasn’t done anything. What policy is in effect? Who has been charged/jailed?

You minions are so out of touch with reality.


Price Change



Inventory has broken out from the 12,900 level. Needs to hit 15,000 before it become significant. Will the NDP push it there with a surprise housing announcement?

Not a chance.

They are secretly hoping the vote fails.

40 days left till voting starts. 75 days until we know whether and election will be called or not.


And you were 100% wrong


Trend’s looking good.

Best place on meth


Whoreacle, you want to take another crack at predicting when inventory will peak this year?

You can take another 10 cracks at it if you want, there’s no penalty for being wrong all the time.


Big stuff happening on Whistler.

Weaver showing his true colours. He is threatening to bring down the NDP over he Speculation Tax.


He wants to give municipalities the right to opt out.

What the fuck. Makes me want to vote No in ProRep vote.

All over twitter.


Richmond author, Moreah Sinclaire, has released a new book for kids that follows an alien’s journey to earth on a quest to solve his planet’s climate change crisis, when he unexpectedly gets sidetracked by our planet’s penchant for chocolate

“[Tuc] has been sent to save his planet from ruin since climate change started happening there,” Sinclaire said. “But he finds himself in trouble when he arrives on Earth and tries to steal all of Earth’s chocolate.”


Three Chinese tourists have issued an apology after they were publicly shamed by mainland media for leaving an Airbnb rental in Japan in a filthy condition

“We paid money to stay here, not to clean it … This isn’t our home so we don’t need to clean it for you.”



Best place on meth

Naturally the mainland pigs were at first belligerent, until the publicity became too much to bear and they issued a fake apology.




Lawrence Chen, part-time realtor, firearms trainer and now Richmond mayoral candidate says he can’t afford to live here anymore

“Compared with Malcolm Brodie’s huge assets, I am just a poor man; I do not have a lot of money to spend on the campaign,”

“Chen claims he still has a lot of cultural connections in the city and knows what a lot of residents are thinking, given his roots of being born in Beijing, China…”

“(Residents) have a language barrier; they need (to be able to communicate) with the mayor,”

“In the past, Richmond has had too many burglaries and car thefts. Residents have complained…”


Breaking News: Citing concerns, P.E.I. shutting down PNP’s immigrant entrepreneur program
Following complaints and federal investigations, the P.E.I. government will no longer accept applications from immigrants looking to set up a business in the province in exchange for immediate permanent residency.
Quebec’s IIP, you are next, do the right thing!


Another nail


Over 1,000 locusts have abused this program.

Best place on meth

Vermin from PRC ruin everything in this country.

Another program monopolized and abused by the worst “people” on earth.


Surprise, surprise, in a city populated by grumpy bears and pessimists who are too lazy to do anything beyond being keyboard warriors, we are told the city is miserable and losing its soul. Well duh!


Then it’s a good thing you are here, sunshine….

Shut It Down Already (original)

Why did you change your handle again?


Severe gap between income and house prices in all Metro Vancouver markets: report

>>> and there’s quaint little Richmond sitting in 3rd place on list of least affordable, yet the median (declared) household income there is the lowest of the 21 areas making up the Metro Vanc region


Yeah, that is odd given that Richmond is famous about the people who are better educated, harder working and more entrepreneurial.


I’m pretty sure it’s all the Chinese satellite families declaring no income that are dragging down the average. Our tax system is laughably easy to cheat. Hopefully China’s willingness to share tax data with other countries will help to crack down on all the scumbags.


“Average-house price drops 95K”, Kelowna Daily Courier


“How did the Central Okanagan’s average house price nose-dive $95,000 in just one month?”

“That’s the shocking question being asked as the average selling price of a single-family home plunged from a record-high of $782,400 in July to $687,400 in August.”

“That represents 12 per cent of value disappearing in just 30 days.”


its called a real estate crash…


Yeah they’re acting like they’ve never seen a real estate implosion before. We had a front-row seat for one of the biggest real estate crashes ever in 2008 and all the moron bulls will probably still be totally flabbergasted once our crash kicks into high gear. Going to have to try not to laugh when all my coworkers and friends start complaining about their underwater mortgages.



Vancouver Terranet number for August

“-0.36% Vancouver Terranet number for August”

The price declines we’ve been seeing here for the last few months are now working their way past Teranet’s built-in delay. Expect continuing declines for the rest of the year.


Phase delay only….



NDP will rescue the housing market.

I’m abstaining from voting in the PR ref. Hope Horgan and Weaver get a forced retirement. They’ve lied too much and are leading the minions on. They could have completed their election promises by now.



You voted for the NDP you tool.

We are better off without you in the gene pool.