Mortgage Rates hit all-time low

The good news: Mortgage rates have never been lower.

The less good news for some:

“The new rules to qualify for mortgage insurance from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC) are expected to cut the maximum purchase price for borrowers of insured mortgages by up to 12 per cent, more than offsetting the drop in mortgage rates for those who can’t come up with a 20-per-cent down payment.”

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Big Bear

Surprising we’re not seeing a rush to beat the chmc rules.

Vector 2000

Critical alert critical alert
Massive inventory flows
New 388

Shut It Down Already (original)

Give it a rest,

Best place on meth

Thanks Alberto, and your hair products are amazing by the way!

Vector 2000

Correction 366 new 47 sold –


Those look more like next Monday’s numbers. LOL

Best place on meth

What’s the deal with the market bloodbath today?

Daveacle said everything was back to normal.

Troll Tracker

Chippy has a problem seeing black swan events, fundamentals, and a real difficulty with truth.
In that respect everything is back to normal.

Shut It Down Already (original)

It’s probably because the fragile needy president spends all day tweeting about how mean he thinks everybody is being to him rather than addressing the multiple crises facing the country.

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Shut It Down Already (original)
“Pack the churches!”

Somewhat emotionally immature, rigid, detectable smidgen of personality disorder, but none of us are perfect and we have to live with the hand life dealt us.

Nonetheless, when you resort to responses normally expected from Chippy it reduces you to less than a human being.

Shut It Down Already (original)

Stock market looking good to me!


Dow down 1,000 points — stocks are tanking today on grim Fed and fears of ’second wave’


Dow down 1500 ̶1̶0̶0̶0̶ points — stocks are tanking today on grim Fed and fears of ’second wave’

Shut It Down Already (original)

Pack the churches!


Metro Vancouver’s waste-water treatment plants are reporting an increase in personal protective equipment being flushed down the toilet and clogging up the sewage system

Werner Stein

This from me last Sunday:
“It will also be interesting to see what they will say when the drop of 1000 points swings come back to visit the Dow a few times in the very near future.

Yes SIDA, and the other 2 freaks, bookmark this.”


Critical alert critical alert vector 2000
Fraser Vallley nonncondo inventory swelled 5% in 1 day.
Technical volume breakout imminent.
Vector 2000


+106 Sales Today

Hahahaha… Sales are on super fire. Everything that was listed in Fraser Valley last week has been sold. Burned…
Prices only go up. By the way, applied for cerb twice today. Two more cheques coming next week. Probably downpay for another condo next week. My Airbnb calendars are filling up red hot. Lots of indians are coming over for cheap vacations.

Best place on meth


Listings are on fire.


Neutral day. Wins both ways.


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Critical alert update Vector 2000 predicted numbers new 387 sold 59


“Charting a course for recovery “, RBC Economics, June 10, 2020 “The severity of the downturn will leave Canada’s economy running significantly below potential at the end of 2020. Even as more people return to work, the unemployment rate will remain elevated relative to where it was before the health crisis. Global demand for Canadian exports, including energy, will also remain subpar weighing on business investment. Consumers are also likely to remain hesitant and will face challenges once payments that were deferred during the crisis need to be paid. Low levels of immigration (another byproduct of the crisis), and an elevated unemployment rate will likely curb the rebound in the housing market with sales likely to fall by almost 20% and prices, which have held up well so far, likely to come under stronger downward pressure over the second… Read more »


Federally-insured federally-protected borderline-criminal money printing machines complain when their milk source is soured by 1/10th of 1%. News at 11, followed by sports, then Satellite Debris.