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Up, Down and Sideways

Global markets look to be in roller coaster mode – as of Sunday afternoon there’s lots of red in the market futures, the recent downgrading of US credit probably doesn’t help things. Are we heading into a 2008 replay?

When markets collapsed in 2008 they took real estate markets with them, both locally and in other nations. Canada pumped lots of money into housing via the CMHC and dropped interest rates to their current bargain basement levels which managed to not only restore house prices locally, but pushed them to new record highs.

What happens if we get another global economy crash and don’t have the same tools to fight it?

I can’t tell if we’re looking ahead to big inflation, Japan style mega deflation or a hither-to-unseen market plateau but these sure are interesting times. Are you cashing out of equity markets, playing with shorts or seizing a buying opportunity right now?

Just move farther away

The Vancouver Sun has an article about compromising to get that ‘affordable’ home in Vancouver.

..And by Vancouver, They mean Squamish. That’s one of the places they suggest you could compromise to buy in since by there estimation it’s only a “45-50 minutes to downtown Vancouver”. Google maps estimates 1 hour 9 minutes. Just pray you don’t run into any traffic.

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Commuting for several hours a day sounds like fun!