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Broken Threads

Some comment threads may not make a lot of sense at the moment. We have a persistent commenter who clearly has some issues that are not best dealt with here. We sincerely hope they are able to get the help they need.

We have tried in the past to remove only the most inflamatory or wildly off-topic comments and we’ve tried IP bans, neither of which have been effective. Our new policy will be to randomly go through and delete all comments from this visitor.

To the politically minded that think they can persuade people of opposing viewpoints, we recommend you start your own blog or find another platform to berate strangers. We hear Facebook is nice this time of year.

Friday Free-for-all! July 3rd, 2020

It’s the end of another week and that means it’s time for another open topic discussion thread!

In the competition for Number 1 victim, I’m afraid Dave is completely out of the running. They seem incapable of blaming others for their problems and instead resort to reason and debate.

A very persuasive argument is made by Vancouver Born & Bred that they are the number one victim. Reality seems to be very hard on this poster who has been marginalized as a white trump-supporting virus-denying commenter that constantly posts ‘culture war’ argument starters.

Commenter Slava fails to make a convincing argument of their own victimization, but seems to argue that acknowledging gender identity in education is very similar to what the Nazis did? Is that far enough from the topic of real estate?

So what are you seeing out there? Post your news links, thoughts and anecdotes in the comments below (see if you can find anything that relates to real estate) and have an excellent weekend!