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Friday Free-for-all! July 3rd, 2020

It’s the end of another week and that means it’s time for another open topic discussion thread!

In the competition for Number 1 victim, I’m afraid Dave is completely out of the running. They seem incapable of blaming others for their problems and instead resort to reason and debate.

A very persuasive argument is made by Vancouver Born & Bred that they are the number one victim. Reality seems to be very hard on this poster who has been marginalized as a white trump-supporting virus-denying commenter that constantly posts ‘culture war’ argument starters.

Commenter Slava fails to make a convincing argument of their own victimization, but seems to argue that acknowledging gender identity in education is very similar to what the Nazis did? Is that far enough from the topic of real estate?

So what are you seeing out there? Post your news links, thoughts and anecdotes in the comments below (see if you can find anything that relates to real estate) and have an excellent weekend!

Number 1 Victim

What is about that special intersection of right-wing nutbaggery and victim mentality that blossoms in a free speech zone?

Amongst the many thing we didn’t correctly predict when we started this site with a hands-off-let-people-say-what-they-want policy was they way that it would devolve into a looney batch of commentators all eager to show that they are more victimized than the victims that are getting media attention.

Reading through comments here we can see who the real victims are: many of the commentators on this site! They are victimized by the media, by classist minorities, by reality. Everything is against them and it’s just not fair!

And you know what also isn’t fair? Making them cry out endlessly about oppression without giving them any real good strong evidence of oppression!

So let’s do what we can to show the sad racist wingnuts that they are being oppressed: let’s have a vote on which regular commentator we should ban! Post a link in the comments below to evidence that said commentator should be banned and feel free to back it up with a reason.

It’s well past time for VCI to join cancel culture, we apologize to people with brains and decency that we haven’t done it sooner.