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Broken Threads

Some comment threads may not make a lot of sense at the moment. We have a persistent commenter who clearly has some issues that are not best dealt with here. We sincerely hope they are able to get the help they need.

We have tried in the past to remove only the most inflamatory or wildly off-topic comments and we’ve tried IP bans, neither of which have been effective. Our new policy will be to randomly go through and delete all comments from this visitor.

To the politically minded that think they can persuade people of opposing viewpoints, we recommend you start your own blog or find another platform to berate strangers. We hear Facebook is nice this time of year.

Ban Tuesday

We’ve banned IPs for Matsui/saul and openhousemassacre as those two seem to have degenerated into threats and insults without any other content.  When you come back maybe you could think before you post.

There are a bunch of you that are on the edge as well – remember when we discussed real estate? Poo-flinging monkeys are funny in small doses, but no-one in their right mind wants to debate them.

How ’bout we start off the school year with an attempt to be civil?



Are you comfortable with change?

After a long while, we’re moving some stuff around here on VCI.

If you visited over the weekend there’s a good chance you found a site in flux with occasional downtime and shifting formats, but we’re pretty close to functional now.

So how does that make you feel?

According to that informal poll to the left, it’s pretty much split at this time, with just over half of you liking the change, almost half hating it and a few that could care less.

But if you DO care, here are a few notes about the new site design:

Here’s the new comment box at the bottom of every article.:

Screenshot 2016-01-24 20.36.41

There are a few new features:

  1. Notify of (new follow up comments) you can set this to get email updates if someone responds to the thread, or set it to email if someone responds to your comment so they don’t get the last word.
  2. There’s been a big shift in comment formatting. You can now reply to comments inline, but this makes it harder to see what’s new.  click ‘Sort by: newest’  at the bottom of the comment box to see the newest comments first.
  3. We’re still trying to figure out how to format comments based on their number of votes. In the meanwhile you can click ‘Sort by: most voted’ to see the highest rated comments at the top of the list.

As always your feedback is welcome.

The best thing about this site has always been the readers that leave commentary (that’s you!), so we’re curious to see how you feel about this new format including things that you like and things that bug you.

Leave your comments below and have an excellent week!

Naval-gazing time! (and a troll poll)

Bored of real estate? Let’s talk about this website instead!

First off, we heard you on some of the issues browsing this site on an ipad. It was unusable, but now should be much better. We fixed a bug that would not let you vote or view hidden comments on mobile devices. One thing still missing are time stamps and comment numbers, but we’ll go with ‘functional’ for now.

And speaking of hidden comments, it would appear that some people are personally offended by the community voting system in place here. For those of you new to the site, here’s how it works: instead of active moderation each comment can be voted up or down, one vote per reader. Highly rated comments are highlighted and comments with a total negative vote below -8 are hidden. Those comments can be unhidden to read and then voted back up if you want.

When the brilliant Vancouver Real Estate Anecdote Archive went on hiatus someone was unhappy with their recommendation of this site and has been posting this comment around:

I am strongly opposed to the recommendation by Vreaa to move to VCI (Vancouver Condo Info) to post commentary as it is just a hack site of sheep speaking to the same tune as one another and offering little in the way of genuine creative commentary on the Vancouver Real Estate situation. I will admit I have posted there once or twice but I really don’t consider it a useful or intelligent venue for discussion as its focus is popularity centric and voting counts for more than honest dialogue. The conclusion I have come to after only a few brief visits is that you must fall in line with your peers for validity or be cast out and down-voted into oblivion. That is self defeating in my opinion and does not represent true democracy (unless mobs of one-dimensional sheep are considered to be democratic all of a sudden) and it does nothing to foster genuine debtates or discussion. VCI gets my veto. Two very big THUMBS DOWN for that site. I encourage readers to move on to “The Greater Fool” or other open discussion forums that welcome more varied opinion and have a host with an actual personality.

On this site that comment currently has 20 up votes and 15 down votes. I don’t know about you, but I find that a bit ironic 😀

So we obviously can’t please everyone, but our goal is to please the majority of the visitors to this site.

With that in mind (and the recent spate of crap-flooding trolls) it’s poll time!

[poll id=”2″]

[poll id=”3″]

Any other thoughts on this site, compliments or complaints? Leave ’em in the comment section below!