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iPad Fix

We’ve had a formatting problem with the left sidebar obscuring content on devices with smaller screen (i.e. the iPad) for quite a while now.

Recent comments have prompted us to get that fixed.

The ideal scenario would be to have the site auto detect the browser client and hide the VCI network sidebar on tablets, but this site is programmed by amateurs who lack the skills to do that, so for now this is the fix we’ve come up with.

Above the sidebar on screen left you’ll now find a link to hide/show sidebar, clicking that will… surprise! hide the sidebar. This will work on a tablet or on your desktop browser, but should specifically help the problem on an iPad where the comments would be obscured by the sidebar when zooming in.

This change has been tested on an iPad and appears to be working but let us know if you have any other formatting concerns in the comment section below.

Thanks to all commenters for making this site what it is!


The story submission page is back!

Those of you who regularly submit news stories here have noticed that the submission page has been out of commission since we rebuilt the site. Well it’s now back in operation.

If you want to post an article simply go to and add it there.

The story submission form is only visible to registered and logged in users. Stories are moderated and may be edited before publishing. As always, posts must not be copy and paste stories. If you link to a published news story, please only quote a portion with a link to the original story and add your own comments to put it in context.

Contributors who have had a certain number of approved story submissions gain the ability to publish stories directly without moderation. Spam story submissions are obviously not welcome, but opinions and analysis are appreciated.

Please post any issues you have with the story submission feature in the comments below.

Thanks for being a part of the community here and helping to make this site a more interesting forum!

Cleaning House

Over the weekend we deleted hundreds of user accounts, so if you’re trying to log in and it’s not working you may need to re-register.

Why did we delete these user accounts?

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve warned that user accounts with no comments will be deleted.  We’ve had lots of spam registrations and the only real way to confirm if someone is an actual human interested in the topic of Vancouver real estate is if they comment.  There are security concerns and spam registrations swell the database, so a purge was in order.

How can I keep my user account from being deleted?

This is an ongoing policy, so if you’re going to register an account you must leave a comment once you’re logged in or your account will be deleted.  We understand that not everyone wants to take part in the conversation and some of you may want an account simply for the double comment voting power, but new accounts must have at least one on-topic comment attributed to them or they will be deleted.

Thank you for your understanding.


Pardon the mess.

You might notice things look a little different here. We had a redirect attack on this site that was loading up unwanted pages. We’ve done a complete wipe of the site and a fresh install, new core files, database and admin passwords. That means we’re still putting things back together, so you might notice some stuff missing or not working.

Here’s where we need your feedback. VCI has been running for a few years now and had features dropped on top of old features. It was time for a fresh start anyways, but if there’s anything specific you’re missing from the old site let us know in the comments.

We’re experimenting with a new comment system. We may go back to the old comment system with ratings if there’s demand for it, but that will just take a little longer and our first priority was getting this site back up and running.

We’ve also done away with the local forums, if there’s anything you’re missing from there we’ll try to recover it, but we’re now using for the discussion forum, a little earlier than planned.

Welcome back.

PLEASE NOTE: New policy for user accounts. We’ve had a lot of user registrations lately that are mostly spam accounts. If you register for a user account, please use it to make a comment and take part in the conversation. New accounts that are registered but not used to take part in the conversation within 24 hours may be deleted.