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Metro Home Sales Hit 5-Year High

With more people staying home all the time it seems that the demand for homes is up. The REBGV reports than last month saw sales almost a quarter higher than the 10 year average and a record high for the last 5 years.

“Homebuyer demand has been at near record levels in our region since the summer,” said REBGV chairwoman Colette Gerber.

Sales were up 22.7 per cent from the 2,498 sales recorded in November 2019, but down sharply, 16.9 per cent, from the 3,687 homes sold in October 2020.

Read the full article over at the Vancouver Sun.

Some landlords packing up and leaving town

For the first time in history more people left BC than moved here during the first half of this year. That’s had an impact on rents and caused some major landlords to rethink their investments, putting large rental blocks up for sale.

Link from Southseacompany:

“With immigration to B.C. hitting negative levels – more people left the province for other regions than arrived in 2020’s first half for the first time in history – Vancouver rents are declining while insurance premiums for apartment buildings have increased an average of 75%, property taxes have soared and capitalization rates have flatlined in the sub-3% range. This has resulted “in a dampening of enthusiasm to invest in the province’s biggest city,” according to Avison Young”

Read the full article here.

CMHC: Pandemic will affect housing market until 2022

They expect a 25% drop in some regions:

Canada’s national housing agency says the number of new homes being built and sold will remain below the levels they were at before COVID-19 until 2022 at least, and prices won’t get back to where they were for another two years either.

In a special report, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation said Wednesday that the COVID-19 pandemic will lead to a “historic recession in 2020,” which will lead to “significant falls in indicators of the housing market.”

Just like the flu, but more so!

Welcome to the terrible blog

Yeah, so you probably noticed the spam filter collapsed and just nuked everyone – we’ve switched that over and we’ll see if the new one works or not.

As far as news goes we seem to be in a holding pattern. Covid 19 has knocked out the market for listings and sales but we’re not seeing a big impact on prices yet with less moving.

How do you think this thing is going to pan out? Bounce back or bust?