Prices drops: Vancouver leads the way

News on the Canadian housing market is getting more bearish across the board: Reuters leads with the headline Canada’s Housing Sector Stalling, while over on the CBC it’s Average resale home price drops $3,500 in November. Thats the average drop last month in Canada, and though we’re still #1 for unaffordability in Vancouver, we’re also leading the way with the largest average price drop. November saw our number of sales decline by 21% while the average house price dropped by almost $29,000.

Thanks to ‘anonymous’ for the links.

A mighty wind

Whether you rent or own, last night was a good one to have shelter. Heavy rain and wind up to 157 km per hour (!) battered this little seaside town, stress-testing our construction and leaving thousands without power (i’m guessing you’re not reading this if you’re one of those). There’s trees down everywhere, the skytrain was down in surrey and a belltower blew off a school house downtown. Looks like the worst of it is over, I just hope this doesn’t mean more turbidity.

This weekends forecast: slushy snow.

New BC Housing blog

Uncertain Buyer has started up a BC housing blog at and is off to a great start. This blog is written from the perspective of someone who has just cashed out of the Real Estate market and will be renting for a while as prices are just starting to drop.

He/she covers topics ranging from the difference between renting and buying, mixed messages from realtors, and general BC housing news. If you’re interested in BC real estate this site is a great read and well worth checking out.

repairs: 1025 1027 1029 w. 7th ave.

This little unit on west 7th in Fairview is looking sassy in blue with a bit of an ‘over the shoulder’ effect working for it. The flat roof says ‘I don’t give a damn about the weather’ while the stucco says ‘let the sun shine!’. This is a stylish and daring look, but I can’t imagine that the fully blue view from inside would be all that great.

send your leaky tarp covered condo pictures for the repair photo album to:

Repairs: 1234 W. 7th Ave

Here’s a shot of a dapper white plastic balcony cover at 1234 West Seventh Avenue in Fairview. Looks like this one is getting some attention to its decks on the front. The clean white with wooden framing is a nice change from the dark green mesh or blue tarps you usually see on condo repairs. If we had a sunny day this would also provide shade to these suites.

send your leaky tarp covered condo pictures for the repair photo album to: