Looking for a way to pay the mortgage? Become an MP.

Say you own a condo in Vancouver and a house in Ottawa.. If you’re an MP that needs to move back and forth than you might need a little extra help covering those bills right? Well no problem! It turns out that MP’s get a $75 per day meal allowance that can be used to pay down the mortgage.

The per diem is in addition to a $25 daily accommodation allowance MPs receive year-round if they own a second house or condominium in the capital, and using it to buy a home is allowed despite a rule forbidding mortgage payments from a separate $24,000 expense allowance.

Combined, the per diem and the accommodation allowance could add up to $17,225 a year for house costs and mortgage payments if an MP spends only four days a week in Ottawa while Parliament is sitting.

The $25 daily accommodation allowance is available without receipts throughout the year as long as the MP does not rent out the residence.

Though the $75 per day comes from a meal allowance, I think it should be noted that eating houses is ill-advised and can lead to indigestion and nausea.

How to keep a global housing market boom booming.

Interesting article in the New York Times about owners refinancing with adjustable rate mortgages. $400 billion worth of this type of mortgage is resetting this year in the U.S., next year it’s set to be one trillion dollars worth.

It is the latest twist in the gravity-defying world of the high housing prices and exotic low-rate mortgages: As monthly payments on adjustable-rate mortgages are starting to balloon, many Americans have found a way to put off the day of reckoning.

They are refinancing with new adjustable-rate mortgages that keep monthly payments low — for now, that is, though their payments will likely rise even higher in the future.

I guess it will be easier to pay the full load of debt in the future?


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Bubble-talk in the Ottawa Citizen

The mainstream media is starting to impinge on the territory of the crazy unwashed blogger.
This article in the Ottawa Citizen seems to be fairly balanced and could be interesting for anyone wondering about the bubblicious state of real-estate around the world, particularly in vancouver. Some interesting numbers at the end as well, I wasn’t aware that average prices in Sidney Australia had dropped 16 percent since 2003. Clearly this must be a typo. Everyone knows real-estate never loses value.

Someone needs to remind the mainstream media to stay away from stories like this. This kind of talk should be left to loony bloggers and conspiracy theorists.