Negativity not helpful

Check out this article on Forbes. Negative, negative, negative. It just goes to show that the mainstream media doesn’t get it and are always looking for the negative story. I suspect that they are beholden to the interests of wealthy renters who have a vested interest in seeing property values drop.

Ok, so there seems to be a bit of a dip in US real estate values – that doesnt mean that the party’s over! No sir! If we can all remain positive and focused we’ll continue to see a constant and solid rise in Vancouver real estate values because VANCOUVER IS DIFFERENT. I mean really, who wants to live in California anyways? Vancouver has sunshine, beaches & beautiful outlying areas to visit: Surrey, Burnaby and Port Coquitlam just to name a few. We also have low taxes and lots of good paying jobs in construction building houses.

So lets keep those people employed! Lets focus on the positive and keep pushing property values up. Negativity is of no help to anyone.

think like a MILLIONAIRE!

Would you like an investment that DOUBLES YOUR MONEY every year to infinity? Would you like to become RICHER and RICHER without any effort while everyone around you scrapes and saves every last penny? Would you like to enjoy 4 meals a day at fancy restaraunts where the waitstaff is envious and frightened of your economic might?

Of course you would! Who wouldn’t?

So go where the smart money goes: VANCOUVER REAL ESTATE! Its the investment that can never go wrong. Just look at this graph:

graph taken from the vancouver housing market blog)

Over the last two years real-estate prices in Vancouver have risen dramatically.. What happens when we extrapolate these increases into the future? LIMITLESS RICHES! You can still purchase a 600 sq ft condo in Vancouver with a pleasant alley view and minor water ingress issues for under $400k. In just four years that same condo will be worth over THREE MILLION DOLLARS!

And the best thing about a real-estate investment is that it can make you money while it gains value! With a healthy downpayment you’ll pay just under $2000 per month for that condo, and you can rent it out for up to $800 per month. That might seem like a money-losing proposition at first glance, but you’ve got to THINK LIKE A MILLIONAIRE. How do you make money when you’re subsidizing your renters by $1200 a month? VOLUME! Rent that condo out four times over and you’re pulling in an easy TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH!!

Get in now before it’s too late!

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