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Cleaning House

Over the weekend we deleted hundreds of user accounts, so if you’re trying to log in and it’s not working you may need to re-register.

Why did we delete these user accounts?

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve warned that user accounts with no comments will be deleted.  We’ve had lots of spam registrations and the only real way to confirm if someone is an actual human interested in the topic of Vancouver real estate is if they comment.  There are security concerns and spam registrations swell the database, so a purge was in order.

How can I keep my user account from being deleted?

This is an ongoing policy, so if you’re going to register an account you must leave a comment once you’re logged in or your account will be deleted.  We understand that not everyone wants to take part in the conversation and some of you may want an account simply for the double comment voting power, but new accounts must have at least one on-topic comment attributed to them or they will be deleted.

Thank you for your understanding.