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Buy in 1 cubic foot at a time: CUBE!

Vancouver has a problem with affordable housing.

No matter where you place the blame: speculators, easy credit, housing bubble, foreign buyers – the problem remains.

As a first time buyer how do you get into the market?

How about one cubic foot at a time?

It can be tough to afford a 580 sq ft one bedroom apartment for $415,000 but anyone can find an extra $199 to get that first cubic foot and get in now!

It’s Real Estate 3.0!

This was posted as a submission to the reTHINK housing competition from the City of Vancouver and already the rave reviews are pouring in:

Doug Farmer says:

4 stars – Very outside the box thinking about something inside the box. Has 21st century written all over it.

Our friend YVR Housing Analyst says

A thoughtful submission. I like how they can stack; I, for one, would first have tried spheres.

And Flo says

This is the least creative solution I have seen submitted. I feel hopeless about my future just looking at this.
I agree with arch. This is not the kind of architectural experience that sustains a human soul.

So don’t miss out on your opportunity.  Get your single square foot in the market today!