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The Rize Vancouver, it is your density.

A 19 storey high rise tower at Broadway and Kingsway: smart planning for dense living or harbinger of gentrifying doom?

Perhaps there is a point when you say “no thanks, that’s just the right amount of tall buildings, we want no more.”

But is this really the time for that?

I had a friend in town from the States and driving through the neighbourhood his first impression was “Huh, you’d think the corner of Broadway and Main street would be more impressive”.

Ours is certainly not the broadway of New York, it’s not even the Broadway of Portland.

Our Broadway is a bus route scattered with greasy spoons and mini-malls.  Are we really going to stop development at this point?

The argument against this proposed project is that it will ruin the flavour of the neighbourhood, but can’t a real city generate a creative class that evolves with the times?  Are we so fragile that a new condo tower can destroy a neighbourhoods character?

Vancouver has a problem and it goes beyond housing costs.  It seems very much to me like a city in it’s awkward teenage phase.  It’s a pretty teenager, but so freaked out about what everyone thinks it’s afraid to take chances or be itself.  It’s afraid of change and apparently can’t handle it’s alcohol.

If we really want to be a world class city it’s time for us to grow up.


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