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Fake houses for fake buyers.

Could our market get any more surreal?

As if marketers pretending to be buyers wasn’t weird enough now there’s a pretend house as well.

Last week there was the story about the 2nd most expensive property ever listed in Canada

(spoiler alert: it’s a teardown in West Van).

It turns out those pictures of a weird gaudy Barbie palace that looked like it was built out of frosting and gold plastic were not of the actual home.

Screen Shot

The Sun has since learned that the photos on the listing realtor’s website are artist’s renderings and not photos of the actual home on the property. The home on the property is a rancher/bungalow built in 1964. Realtor Laura McLaren says the images on her website depicting a mansion “are renderings of what could be built on this property.”

Yep, they’re ‘artist renderings’ of the sort of thing that could be built on that property.

Design is subjective, but if you had $38 million and enough left over to build a dream home would this be your ideal style?