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A building with a twist

Vancouver is one step closer to getting an interesting new building, and that means it’s time to complain!

For a pretty laid-back town Vancouverites can get vocal about architecture when it departs from the average glass rectangle.

Even the color of the glass can upset some, remember when the city made the Wall Centre change their glass halfway through? Perhaps under the assumption that clear glass would make the building more transparent than black glass?

Well this new building is a weird shape, so get ready for the complaints.

The proposed 52 storey tower will be located downtown at the foot of the Granville Street bridge near Pacific and has a unique twist to it’s design, with a triangular base and a rectangular top.

Close to 800 people attended the two open houses on the project and about 25 spoke at a packed public hearing last night.

Opponents said the tower will block views of the water, cast shadows and bring too much density to the neighbourhood.

But local resident Dean Mailey says it will bring much-needed amenities and charm to the neighbourhood.

“Currently the site is an eyesore in our community. It’s not a nice place to look at any time of day or night.”

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